Go Take a Hike!

This is a great time of year to begin a walking program, whether in the woods, your own neighborhood, or an urban landscape. The weather is ideal…it’s neither too hot nor too cold. Mosquitos are not yet making pests of themselves. And every day, you can observe changes in flora and fauna as nature brings forth the unique gifts of spring.

The health benefits of walking are numerous, but like any exercise, if you haven’t done it in a while you may want to start out slowly, building up to more time and distance over a few weeks. We have some unique gifts to help you put your best foot forward, so to speak, as you begin a new walking regimen or reinforce a current habit.

This genuine Irish shillelagh is handmade in the emerald isle – and no two sticks are identical. Blackthorn wood gives the walking stick its superior weight-to-hardness ratio, unlike inauthentic versions that fuse a blackthorn handle to a hazel shaft. A Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, each shillelagh features a knobbed handle sanded smooth and a shaft painted in a black enamel and lacquered with a high-gloss finish. A durable copper tip protects the end.

Cushion your step in these comfortable men’s walking shoes, made with patented shock absorbing technology that actually stores and returns energy with every step. The culmination of years of research by a team of mechanical engineers, podiatrists, and industrial designers, the sole of each shoe houses a unique biomechanical system that absorbs the shock of each heel strike and converts the force into positive energy propelling you forward. These extra-comfy shoes are available for ladies as well.

Track your progress with this matchbook-thin pedometer. Less than 0.2″ thick, the pedometer stores comfortably in any shirt or pants pocket and counts your steps without impeding daily activities. The device tracks steps taken, distance, calories burned, and time spent moving. It stores up to one million steps with its seven-day memory, and has an integrated clock and timer.

A daily walk is very beneficial to your health. It can trim your waistline, help manage conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your overall mood. Start reaping these unique gifts today—go take a hike!

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