These Unique Gifts Go the Extra Yard

This week, fall officially begins, which can only mean one thing…it’s time to devote a weekend to cleaning up the yard, patio, and deck to prepare for the seasons ahead.

That’s not all bad–you’ll get some exercise, you’ll be able to enjoy the unique gifts of a pleasant autumn afternoon, and your job will be made easier by items we have available to help.88328_1000x1000

Take this electric power washer for starters. It cleaned more effectively and was the easiest to use in side-by-side tests conducted by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. Analysts used each power washer on a variety of surfaces and compared the results. The Best model removed the most paint from a cement brick, quickly scoured mud from a car rim, and cleaned dirt and mold from aluminum siding faster than all other units.84791_1000x1000

The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute also performed testing on leaf blowers. This cordless rechargeable leaf blower was deemed The Best because it cleared garden waste the fastest and had the longest-lasting battery. It cleared a 50-gallon pile of leaves from grass and paved areas 18 percent faster than the next-quickest model. The Best model also provided up to three hours of battery run time. It has 10 speeds and the most features of all the models, including a vacuum setting for suctioning waste into an attached bag.88781_1000x1000

Here’s another easy method for cleaning up. This push sweeper quickly collects fallen leaves from your yard and driveway without backbreaking raking and stooping. The sweeper’s flexible plastic combs spin rapidly as you push it, grabbing leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, and other small detritus, depositing them into the collection hopper. This sweeper makes an ideal unique gift for the environmentally conscious gardener with a compost pile.

Before you know it, your yard work will done and you’ll be relaxing in front of a football game, cold beverage in hand. Your neighbors might even line up to borrow these lawn and garden clean-up tools. No worries if they do…all these items are ready to go the extra yard.

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