Fit Health into this Weekend’s Plans

Tomorrow is Family Health and Fitness Day USA. This annual event focuses on promoting family involvement in physical fitness and other healthy activities, including walking, low-impact exercise, health screenings, and health information workshops. If you have young children or grandchildren, give them the unique gift of making exercise a habit now, for a lifelong enjoyment of physical fitness.

You may be able to find events in your own community at health clubs, YMCA locations, schools, hospitals, and park districts. Of course, we believe health and fitness deserves attention 365 days a year, so here are some suggestions to help you and your loved ones be more active every day.87661_1000x1000

Walking is among the most beneficial exercises and almost everyone can participate. With a pedometer in your pocket, you may even be more motivated to achieve the 10,000 steps a day recommended by many fitness experts. This lightweight pedometer is as thin as a book of matches and stores comfortably in any shirt- or pants pocket. The device uses a state-of-the-art German accelerometer that provides superior accuracy no matter how the pedometer is worn. It’s an ideal unique gift for anyone just getting started on a fitness regimen.87938_1000x1000

If you experience knee pain that prevents you from enjoying a walk, these men’s and lady’s oxford-style walking shoes feature a patented sole that helps relieve the discomfort. Developed in conjunction with rheumatology experts, the shoes employ flexure zones built into the outsoles, proven in a study at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago to reduce knee load by 20 percent.

Core strength is a key element of overall fitness. This compact core t82763_1000x1000rainer simulates cantering on a horse to strengthen and tone the core. Just sit on the padded saddle, rest your feet on the rubberized bar, and shift your weight backward to put the device’s drivewheel in motion. As it rotates at a moderate pace, you engage lumbar muscles, abs, glutes, and thighs, building core strength to help prevent back injuries and improve balance and posture, while you burn calories.

Physical activity can be fun for the entire family. You’ll spend quality time together, benefit from the exercise…and if you tire the kids out, they just might beg to go to bed early.

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