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Put Back Pain Behind You

Studies have shown lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world, with experts estimating up to 80 percent of the population will experience a back problem at some time. Causes range from chronic conditions such as arthritis to injury to easily preventable poor posture.

Eliminate posture problems with this biofeedback device that trains users to improve posture by beeping or vibrating when it detects slouching. Designed by a physical therapist, the lightweight trainer is worn like a backpack over clothing and teaches correct spinal alignment. When users slouch, straps tug on the monitor, triggering a warning buzz or vibration. After three weeks of wearing the trainer for three 20-minute sessions a day, users begin to develop the muscle memory needed to employ good posture at all times and gain the unique gifts of pain reduction and better health.86903_1000x1000

Back pain often radiates down the legs as well, creating a condition called sciatica. This unique back support provides compression throughout the lower back and upper thighs to help ease sciatica and prevent future flare-ups. Unlike a traditional back brace, this support system combines a slim wrap with compression shorts for widespread relief. The wrap can be positioned anywhere along the back or hips to soothe aching areas. The flexible garment moves freely and can even be worn during athletic activity.12816A_1000x1000

This therapeutic device relieves back pain using gentle oscillation to loosen tight muscles and improve range of motion. It simulates the touch of a physical therapist or chiropractor using Continuous Motion Therapy—a technique used by professionals for decades to treat lower back pain. This process helps promote flexibility and injury repair, reducing pain and stiffness. This device would be a welcome unique gift for anyone you know experiencing the discomfort of lower back pain.88248_1000x1000

Finally, many folks find they can get relief from back pain by sleeping on their sides with a pillow between the knees. Here’s a simple solution that keeps the back in a neutral position for a good night’s sleep and a good feeling in the morning, too.

Extend Summer with Warmth of Hospitality

So soon, summer comes to its unofficial close on Labor Day. Already, we see the marked difference in darker, cooler mornings and noticeably earlier sunsets.12298_1000x1000

But for many folks, the best weather of the year is yet to come, and even when earlier darkness brings a chill in the air, many weeks still lie ahead to entertain outdoors.

Help your guests enjoy the unique gifts of a crisp fall evening with accessories that will add light and warmth to your yard or patio. This hearth table, for instance, features a granite top cut from the mountains in China’s Shanxi province, so each handcrafted table is one-of-a-kind. A cutout section in the center contains a stainless steel fire pit, powered by a propane tank or a connection to a natural gas line86860_1000x1000.

In smaller spaces, this tabletop fireplace88478_1000x1000 provides the color, charm, and comfort of a wood-burning fire without the smoke, smells, or sparks. It’s fueled by recycled liquid ethanol, so the 7″-high flame gives off only carbon dioxide and water vapor, making it suitable for use indoors or out. Consider this mini fireplace as an appropriate and unique gift for a housewarming, too—pun intended.

Provide illumination along with an architectural element with these all-weather obelisk torches. The elegant torches continue a long sculptural tradition begun in ancient Egypt, where similar obelisks were first fashioned to flank temple entrances. They have extra-long cotton wicks to fill the evening with soft, romantic light.

Pair these unique gift ideas for warmth and light with rustic fall decorations and hearty, seasonal dishes such as chili or pumpkin soup. Your outdoor parties will be a success even through the end of October and will keep guests feeling cozy, comfortable, and relaxed.

Back-to-School Gifts Get an ‘A’

Did you hear that? No, not the school bells ringing…the collective cheers of parents overjoyed the new academic year is here.

Help ease a student’s transition from the carefree days of summer back to the structure of the classroom with unique gifts to make them as happy as mom and dad about the new school year. We have brilliant suggestions for kids of all ages.87996_1000x1000

For the elementary school student: The Lightshow Space Explorer’s Backpack features illuminated wings to whisk young imaginations into the farthest reaches of outer space. Suggestive of fantasy starships, the wings have built-in white LEDs that can be set to flash quickly when in hyperspace, flash slowly when orbiting a planet, or remain on while awaiting clearance for take-off.86792_1000x1000

For the high schooler: This Pocket Sized iPhone Backup Battery is about the size of a matchbook and provides supplemental power whenever it’s needed. Because it seems a teenager’s life is only as good as his or her phone, this is a unique gift that will be well-appreciated. The cordless device stores comfortably in a pocket, retrievable at a moment’s notice to increase an iPhone charge by 30%, enough for up to 3 hours of additional talk time or 70 hours of standby time.88544_1000x1000

For the college student: This Phone Charging Atomic Alarm Clock provides the student who burns the midnight oil—whether for study time or socializing—with a dependable, always-accurate alarm. The clock receiver synchronizes with NIST-F1, the United States’ atomic clock, which will never gain or lose a second in 60 million years. A smartphone connects with an existing USB cable to a port on the side for overnight charging.

These brilliant and unique gifts will score highly with the students in your life and get A’s for both effort and execution.

A Golden Day for a Golden Age

The contributions of “golden agers” get official recognition Monday when the U.S. celebrates National Senior Citizens Day. This day, first enacted by Ronald Reagan in 1988, is observed to give thanks and honor older folks in our communities.

There may be a senior or two in your life you would like to thank with a special and unique gift. Many folks with a few decades behind them, however, prefer not to receive gifts of household goods, clothing, or decorative items…they’ve downsized their homes and don’t wish to add more clutter. For people with this mindset—of any age—we recommend a gift of reminiscence to mark a special date or memorable event.11922_1000x1000

This framed reproduction of The New York Times front page is a truly unique gift that commemorates any date of your choosing from 1934 to 2014. The “Old Gray Lady” is considered the United States’ first true “newspaper of record,” and these replicas are produced from originals in her official archives. The personalized name and year are printed on the matte, which also contains a circulated penny, nickel, dime, and quarter from the chosen year.12787_1000x1000

From the other side of the country, this personalized “remember when” book contains exact reproductions of The Los Angeles Times articles chronicling news and major events for any one date. Inside is the front page from the selected date plus front pages from all birthdays or anniversaries every subsequent year. The front pages feature opposing pages that provide room to write and record special memories. The cover features gold embossing and can be personalized.12385_1000x1000

Intrepid travelers will appreciate this personalized framed wall map that allows the traveler to chart past or future voyages across the country or around the globe. Set in a mahogany frame, the map includes a metal plaque that can be personalized to commemorate anything from a family’s vacation history to one memorable, around-the-world trip.

Today’s seniors are not content to contemplate TV from a rocking chair. They run marathons, earn educational degrees, create works of art, work at and operate businesses, and approach life on their terms. Yet a common thread among many is a fond remembrance for “the good old days”. Any of these personalized and unique gifts are sure to trigger pleasant thoughts of years past.

Feeling Secure at Home: Priceless

An FBI study conducted in 2013 reported that 5,400 burglaries occur in the U.S. every day. Home security devices can give you a sense of peace more valuable than any of your possessions for the unique gifts of feeling more at ease, focused, and relaxed in your home.79806_1000x1000

We have several options to help you set up a security system outside your residence to monitor who comes onto your property.

As a car or a pedestrian enters your driveway, this alarm system alerts you from as far away as a half mile. A remote motion sensor attaches to a mailbox post or address sign at the end of your drive and detects movement, sending a wireless signal back to the monitor in your home. The monitor generates a tone to alert you that someone is coming.86190_1000x1000

This easy-to-install entryway security camera retrofits a motion-sensing WiFi camera to an outdoor porch or garage light. Requiring no wiring, an included smart light bulb adapter simply screws into an existing light socket to provide power to the wall-mounted wireless HD video camera via a short cord. The camera’s infrared sensor detects when someone approaches and automatically sends a notification to your paired WiFi device via a free app.87324_1000x1000

This video doorbell earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because of its easy installation and superior video quality. Unlike other models that must be hardwired into an existing doorbell system, The Best model attaches to your door and connects to your home’s wireless network. When the doorbell is pressed, a motion-sensing camera captures video and sends an alert to a smartphone app that displays a live video feed with the option for voice chat.

The possessions inside your home have a certain financial or sentimental value. But you can’t put a value on the priceless feeling of peace of mind. Protect your home and family with any or all of these devices and gain the intangible unique gifts that come with simply feeling more secure.

When Roomba Poops Out, Guarantee Comes Through

Our customers often tell us how much they love their Roomba floor cleaners as evidenced by all the glowing reviews they’ve received. Our customers also love their pets. But in one particular instance, a precious pup and a reliable Roomba combined for disaster.

In a hilarious Faceb88082_1000x100088852_1000x100084816_1000x1000ook post, customer Jesse Newton related an incident that turned into a real “pooptastrophe”. Here’s the scoop: Mr. Newton’s Roomba, purchased from Hammacher Schlemmer, was programmed to run nightly at 1:30 a.m. Everything was fine until the fateful night his dog Evie had a little accident. Okay, a big accident, right on the living room rug. As Mr. Newton’s now-viral Facebook post relates, when his Roomba trailed through the unfortunate mess, the results resembled a Jackson Pollock painting, with doggy doody as the medium.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the second unfortunate incident occurred when Mr. Newton tried to clean the machine. Roomba batteries are not submersible, but he didn’t realize this until after he put the unit in the bathtub. In spite of all of his efforts to get the Roomba working again, the machine was dead in the water. And that’s when Mr. Newton called us.

Like all of the unique gifts we sell, this Roomba was covered by The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee. We replaced the Roomba that pooped out. No questions asked, although a few laughs may have been had.

So remember, folks: always walk the dog right before bed, don’t let your Roomba run over dog poop…and know you can always count on The Hammacher Schlemmer Unconditional and Unwavering Lifetime Guarantee.

Vision Health is Key – Do You See What We’re Saying?

This month is National Eye Exam Month, time to give thought to what we can do to improve our vision health, including a professional examination. Your eyes are among your most important assets, and even minor steps that reduce eye strain, relieve dryness and eliminate squinting 83223_1000x1000will give you the unique gifts that come from seeing more clearly.

Unlike incandescent bulbs that produce glaring, yellow light, this eye strain reducing floor lamp’s fluorescent bulb generates clear light that enables clearer vision. Simulating the color fidelity of natural sunlight, the bulb illuminates books, crafts, or computer screens with a distortion-free glow. The energy-efficient bulb lasts up to ten times longer than a typical bulb, too.81967_1000x1000

Recommended by ophthalmologists, these soothing goggles relieve dry, puffy eyes. Simply warm the included gel packs in a microwave and place them inside the goggles to stimulate tear production and the release of beneficial oils from the eyes’ meibomian glands to ease the discomfort of dry eyes. The goggles’ eye cups are lined with soft foam and the adjustable strap ensures a comfortable, proper fit. These goggles would also make an ideal unique gift for anyone who suffers from sinus headaches.88737_1000x1000

These lightweight screen-reading glasses filter the blue light emitted by computer, tablet and smartphone screens to help prevent eye fatigue and discomfort. Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, the glasses have magnified lenses infused with melanin to enhance contrast while shielding against high-energy visible blue light that causes eyes to tire while reading on screen. These damaging blue rays can also lead to macular degeneration and cataracts, as well as insomnia. The protective glasses can be worn over prescription lenses or contacts.

The unique gift of sight is one that can never be replaced, so if you have not had a thorough eye exam recently, contact your optometrist or ophthalmologist today to ensure you enjoy good vision for years to come.

Unique Gifts for Olympic-Sized Fun

Promising pageantry, spectacle and plenty of Samba dancing, tonight’s Opening Ceremonies kick off the 2016 Rio Olympics. For the next two weeks, we’ll be captivated by this all-you-can-watch buffet of sports, awestruck by the athletes’ unique gifts of natural talent, strength, speed, and focus.

If you, however, are less of a viewer and more of a doer, consider creating your own Olympics right in your backyard.11841_1000x1000 We have some suggestions to get you started on fun events for a friendly neighborhood competition.

Diving—Combine the inflatable Floating Jungle Gym with this body-launching attachment at the lake.  It will launch a person sitting on its surface into the air when another person jumps on the inflatable, providing airborne fun for somersaults, flips, cannonballs and belly flops. The commercial-grade jungle gym itself is strong enough to support leaps from the apex, too.12671_1000x1000

Table TennisThis table tennis table features an integrated 2,800-watt audio system and LED lighting to impart thrill and excitement to any tournament. Connecting to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth for music, the table also includes a microphone input and volume and track controls that allow ambidextrous karaoke enthusiasts to sing a victory song while delivering a game-winning backhand or for an announcer to add color commentary to each volley. 87413_1000x1000

Pickleball—Though not an Olympic sport – yet – pickleball is among the fastest-growing sports in the country. This complete pickleball kit sets up in minutes for fast-paced fun for two picklers. This unique gift is available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer and sets up on any hard surface. The game combines the volleys of tennis with oversized paddles, a badminton-size court, and a perforated plastic ball. Balls travel at one-third the speed of a tennis ball, making the game easy to learn and fun to play for all experience levels. 12110_1000x1000

Award Ceremonies—Close our your games and present your winners’ medals around this handcrafted replica of the Athlete’s Village Fire Pit Globe from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. The unique globe-shaped design, with cutouts in the shapes of the continents, evokes the international spirit of the Games. The fire pit is forged from heavy-gauge carbon steel with an iron oxide patina to last for many Olympics to come.

An Organized Life is a Simpler Life

The first week of this month is National Simplify Your Life Week. And a better-organized home is a quick means to the unique gifts of a simpler, saner life.

Improve organization around your home and you’ll use your time more efficiently and gain more time to enjoy with your friends and family. To that end, today we’re featuring three simple ideas to help you begin to organize and simplify.83407_1000x1000

Start by banishing that pile of books, magazines and newspapers from the top of the coffee table. The Organized Reader’s End Table features four open shelves that keep reading materials organized and easily accessible. Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, the bookstand helps reduce clutter and holds enough printed matter to sate even the most voracious reader, in only 1.5 sq. ft. of floor space.88290_1000x1000

It’s easy enough to clean the bathroom, but do you clear away its clutter, too? With a narrow footprint and large capacity, this Tight Space Bathroom Organizer adds storage your smallest room. A Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, this organizer is ideal for snug powder rooms or cabinet-starved washrooms with pedestal sinks. The 9″-wide organizer slips beside a toilet or tub to unobtrusively hold personal items and cleaning products in five separate compartments. 88084_1000x1000

Keep yourself organized on the road, too. The Organized Traveler’s Carry On holds all your travel essentials but is not cumbersome. Another Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, the supple leather bag features accessible pockets and tiered sleeves that keep tickets and credit cards at the ready, with a large inner compartment lined with nylon. Padding protects phones, cameras and other small electronics.

That old adage about “a place for everything, and everything in its place” is true. Once you conquer the clutter throughout your home, commit some time each evening to make sure everything gets put away. It’s a habit that needs to be cultivated, but once you do so, you will be rewarded with a home that provides the unique gift of a simpler life…and a less stressful environment.