The Force is About to Awaken

88259_1000x1000If you’re a Star Wars aficionado—or simply attuned to pop culture—you know the seventh installment of the Lucasfilm saga, The Force Awakens, opens later this month. That means this Christmas, anything Star Wars-related tops the list of unique gift ideas. 88126_1000x1000

Now anyone can train to be a Jedi master. The Train You I Can Yoda is one of the most amazing Star Wars toys we’ve ever seen. With all the realism of the iconic character, this interactive 17.5″ tall Yoda assumes the roles of warrior and teacher. He also speaks 115 phrases to train young Padawans to fully embrace The Force. 86403_1000x1000

This Star Wars Lightsaber Legacy Lamp illuminates a room with the glow of three lightsabers from the original trilogy. Built with exacting details from all three original movies, Luke Skywalker’s blue lightsaber and Darth Vader’s nefarious red lightsaber flank Luke Skywalker’s later green lightsaber. Each lightsaber projects its light at the flip of a switch while a separate switch illuminates a montage portrait of the trilogy’s characters to keep the Dark Side at bay. 87888_1000x1000

Speaking of the Dark Side, the Darth Vader Toaster, made in the likeness of the iconic villain, transforms innocent slices of bread into sinister breakfast tokens of evil. With eyes that imply nefarious intent like the fires of Mustafar, this toaster imprints the Star Wars logo onto one side of a slice of bread and browns the crust as a frame.

We have a rich collection of unique gifts themed for Star Wars fans, including a hologram-projecting, smartphone-controlled rolling BB-8, the hottest new character from The Force Awakens and one of this holiday season’s most popular unique gift items. Check out our entire Star Wars selection online, and may the Force be with you.

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