Unique Gifts Pawsitively for Dog Lovers

These may be the dog days of summer, but man’s best friend gets a special day, too. Tomorrow is National Dog Day and it gives us paws to think about this great time to pamper a pup.81923A_300x300

Your four-legged friend may be used to ruffing it, but we have some unique gifts that are pawsibilities to please any pooch—or their two-legged owner—fur real. 79686_300x300

You could take Bella to a doggy spa for some pawfume and pawlish, but we think she’d enjoy a dip in The Canine Splash Pool more. Made from heavy-gauge PVC that can withstand a dog’s rough paws and sharp claws, this pool sets up anywhere and has reinforced side panels that keep water in the pool while the dog splashes around. 87767_300x300

For older or arthritic pets, or those who are just dog-tired at the end of the day, The Pet Ramp and Staircase is designed to help your furry friend reach the sofa or bed without exerting undue stress on joints and muscles. The two non-slip steps fold down to form a ramp that allows pets to ascend and descend safely.

And if you pamper your pet with easy access to the furniture, consider these non-slip protective covers for sofas and chairs. The washable covers protect furniture from pet hair and damage without the slippage common to lesser models. Made from plush, deep-pile velvet, they protect upholstery and leather against fur, scratches, moisture, and other pet messes, so you need not shoo your pooch to the floor or constantly follow behind with a vacuum or washcloth.

We don’t intend to share any dogma, but one of the very best ways to celebrate National Dog Day is by adopting a shelter animal. Life is too doggone short to live without the unique gift of the wag of a tail and a friendly canine in the house.

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