I Spy With WiFi

Who’s in your house and what are they doing? Is it what you think, and how can you be sure?

A wireless security camera can help you monitor your home for break-ins or to check up on those charged to care for your property, your loved ones, or your pets. With a WiFi security solution, you’ll get the unique gift of peace of mind when you’re at work or traveling.

86342_300x300Be worry-free with this wireless home security system that sends real time video right to a smartphone. Two included wireless cameras automatically turn on when they detect motion and transmit the video to a free app on your phone, tablet or computer. Night vision technology even allows monitoring of a darkened room. Two included sensors attach to doors and windows and automatically sound the alarm and send alerts to your smartphone or to local authorities when the door or window is opened.

84650_300x300For a single-camera solution, this WiFi security camera earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it recorded the clearest HD video and was the easiest to set up. Unlike lesser models that provided fuzzy video and muffled audio, The Best model transmitted crisp HD video and crystal-clear conversations from 30′ away. Text notifications arrived in two seconds after motion was detected.

87207_300x300Ideal for monitoring an entrance door or the end of your driveway, this weatherproof WiFi video camera automatically records in real time when it detects motion. The camera connects to your wireless network and allows you to view the exterior of your home from anywhere in the world via a free app for smartphones, tablets, or computers. The built-in motion sensor detects movement up to 30′ away and turns on the camera to capture high-def color video that can be saved on a memory card.

All of these solutions provide security with no monthly fees. That’s a small initial investment for the unique gift of satisfaction that your house and your loved ones are safe when you can’t be there.

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