Appease Zombie Souls with Unique Gifts for Halloween Decorating

October’s chill winds bring benevolent ghosts back to life for one last haunt before they pass on to the ethereal enchanted realm. We say heartfelt remembrances for their safe passage.

But it’s the malevolent spirits we need to scare away. Witches, sprites, and evil creatures envy us and want to stay alive with us, but they must depart. We have scary and unique gift ideas to keep the undead at bay and brighten your home for trick-or-treat visitors or All Hallows’ Eve festivities.83832_300x300

Our exclusive 12′ Inflatable Animated Spider will scare the possessed to other parts of the neighborhood with its frightful fun. Standing with an upright pose suggesting fiendish arthropodan intelligence, the spider’s head swivels side-to-side as if selecting its next victim. Both eyes are illuminated by integrated LEDs that change colors from a devilish red to a supernatural green, complementing its outthrust fangs.

The Inflatable Howling Haunted House is great for announcing a ghoulish party. This house howls, screams, and flashes its lights when unsuspecting visitors pass beneath its ominous arched doorway. When triggered, the house’s 60 LEDs flash from red to green while its plays a 15-second loop of scary sounds.84882_300x300

The 15′ Inflatable Apparition manifests its malevolent intent by changing colors throughout the night. Implying recent dissolution from a corporeal state, thin wisps of textured nylon drape ghoulishly from its ethereal outstretched limbs. LEDs inside the ghost’s body change colors every few seconds, reminding passersby that just because it is secured to the ground, its spirit remains untethered to this world.

Meanwhile, inside your home, The Halloween Fireplace Screen adds holiday whimsy to your hearth. Five skeletons with green acrylic eyes adorn the screen. “Happy Halloween” greets onlookers at the screen’s top while three bats and a ghost complete the display with a final skull and outstretched bony arms.

Startle friends and family with The Remote Controlled Tarantula. This oversized arachnid’s 74325B_300x300eight legs move independently and its eyes light up, allowing you to frighten unsuspecting arachnophobes day or night. But beware: if your friend tries to eat it, he might be a zombie!

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