Snow Time Like the Present to Get Ready for Winter

Low Profile Door MatToday is the first official day of winter…and already the National Weather Service reports that more than 50% of the U.S. is covered by snow, with an average depth of 3.7″. What’s more, much of the country has been registering below-average temperatures for weeks. If that’s what autumn was like, we shudder – and shiver – to think about winter!

When it comes to winter, there are two kinds of people: those who curse the snow and those who revel in it. Fortunately, we have products to make both types happy!

It’s our experience that people who dislike snow are more likely to have injured themselves with a bad fall on the ice. Prevent such slips with The Any Shoe Ice Grips. These are the adjustable ice cleats that fit over any type of shoe, including dress shoes, to provide traction and sure footing when standing, walking, or running on snow and ice. These lightweight grips compress to store in a carrying case that can be stowed in a car or office desk in case of inclement weather.

To those who claim to prefer snow over a hot July day, we remind you that no one ever tracked sunshine into the house on their shoes. Dirty, slushy snow, on the other hand, seems to find its way from the bottom of boots right to the freshly washed foyer floor. That’s why we came up with The 12 Pint Absorbing Low Profile Door Mat. This doormat holds 12 pints of water per square yard, keeping entryways free of rain, slush and melting snow in foulest winter.

Yes, we’ll concede it’s possible to have fun, and lots of it, in the snow with the proper accessories. There’s The 50 Foot Snowball Launcher that makes and launches softball-sized snowballs up to 50′, allowing rapid, long-range assaults during neighborhood snowball confrontations. Simply place snow in the forming chamber and close the lid; it packs three perfectly spherical snowballs.

For the ultimate fun in the snow, may we suggest these three items that practically guarantee an exhilarating ride. The Street and Snow Scooter converts from a wheeled street model to one with skis, ready for the snow. The Snow Carver rides like a chopper down snowy slopes and allows an awesome “feel” for the terrain. And The Bavarian Zipfel Bobsled was inspired by the true zipfel bob, widely in use in the Alps. Can’t think of a better way to make good use of a snow day!

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