Glittering Silver Christmas Trees Make a Brilliant Comeback!

Seldom has Christmas shined as brightly as on The Classic Silver Tinsel Tree! This is the unique Christmas tree that recreates holiday nostalgia from the era of Nerhu jackets and beat poetry.Unique Christmas Tree

This unique Christmas tree style has its roots in the late 1950s and early 60s when home decor was trending toward a modern, space-age style. The look for the thoroughly unique tree of that era included a rotating, spotlighted wheel to reflect colorful light because the aluminum trees popular then would have created shock and fire hazards had lights been strung on the metallic branches.

In contrast, our Silver Tinsel Tree comes safely pre-lit with 200 bright lights that shine off every one of this tree’s 555 shiny tips. Our tree even includes 36 classic glass ornaments and a tree topper in a vintage design that completes this unique Christmas tree style.

Like many things from the Mad Men days, appreciation for the glimmering, shimmering tree has returned, with its popularity surging again.

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