One Less Wheel, Lots More Fun.

Our cars have become ever more luxurious and are loaded with gadgets…satellite radio, GPS, built-in Bluetooth, DVD players. Is it a vehicle or a rolling living room? Perhaps the reason for all these driver distractions in the name of comfort is to take our minds off the dull ride of common four-wheel cars.

Maybe what is needed are fewer gadgets (did we really say that?) and a lot more old-fashioned fun. After a 60-year hiatus, the Morgan Three Wheeler returns to rescue drivers from their mundane commutes. The Authentic Morgan Three Wheeler speedster has thrilled racing enthusiasts for decades with its engineered stability, and we are pleased to offer you this modern manifestation of motoring’s halcyon days.

This modern version made for U.S. roads (legally it’s classified as a motor tricycle) is built with a frame of welded airframe steel tubing, renewable wood and aircraft aluminum skin, all hand crafted by coach builders at the Morgan Motor Company in Malvern Link, England. It has an extremely high power-to-weight ratio giving it a top speed over 100 mph. The award-winning, tough S&S Wisconsin-made V twin air-cooled cycle motor provides power and torque for a ride that is described as seat of the pants, raucous, and pulsating.

The streamlined bullet styling gets the thumbs up from bystanders. It looks like and is a seriously fun racing machine. The skeptics gaze at the three wheels with wonder until they hop into the cockpit and viscerally rocket down the road, only to return with goggles dusty and a mile-wide, toothy grin.

All of the major auto magazines and BBC’S Top Gear gents in episode 18, season 6, remarked that this was one of the most fun, nostalgically thrilling driving vehicles in years. It’s described as low and throaty with a great sports car sound that today’s cars lack. Back in the racing days of Britain’s Sterling Moss, it was noted that Moss had used the Morgan 3 for hill climb races early in his career.

So turn the GPS off, set the cell phone to airplane mode, and give the satellite radio a rest. Put on a pair of goggles and a driving cap and zoom off like a fighter pilot, back to a time when motoring was a heart-pounding thrill.

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