Saluting an Old Softie – The Teddie Bear

Today we celebrate those who, at certain points in our lives, have alleviated a little stress…namely, our teddy bears. Yes, it’s National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day.

Your childhood bear may well have been your very first best friend. If you still have your favorite stuffed animal, have a little fun with it today. You may want to dress your bear in business attire and take a few pictureGiantTeddys of him on the job…typing on the keyboard, answering the phone or giving a presentation in the conference room. Your old friend might even still have the power to soothe some of that workday stress.

If you don’t have your old bear, today is still the perfect day to reminisce with coworkers or friends about your favorite toys from days long gone by. You may even find yourself longing to get a new teddy bear, perhaps our recreation of the original 1926 teddy bear.

Like everything else, teddy bears have changed since we were kids. The Customizable, Interactive Plush Teddy Bear sings songs with children, plays games, and tells stories—but unlike similar toys, this fellow can be continually updated and customized to match a child’s interests and development.

And if you want to embrace your teddy in a big way, there’s none better than our 6 Foot Teddy Bear. This gentle giant is good for hundreds of hugs, from kids of all ages.

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