iPad Accessories That Get Jobs Done

The Babylonians made the first tablets of clay and their cuneiform writing civilized humankind. The Egyptians had papyrus scrolls, creating government and taxes. Medieval monks hand-lettered manuscripts, until Guttenberg invented the font and the printing press. Then, in the century of one and twenty, Saint Steven the Illuminated One, brought us the hand-held wonder tablet: the iPad. Now humankind has all the wisdom of the known universe at light speed in our hands. To pay homage to Steve Jobs’ iPad, we have assembled a collection of products that will make your tablet even more useful and more enjoyable.

Waterproof Ipad Case


Beachfront view
The Waterproof iPad Case: Winner of the Consumer Electronic Show’s Innovation Award, this is the iPad case that allows full use of the tablet in up to 61/2′ of water. Prevents penetration from water when submerged for 30 minutes and circulating dust or sand for 8 hours.

It’s showtime

The iPad Pocket Projector: Project your best image anywhere. Connects directly to an iPad to instantly display enlarged views of photos, movies, and presentations. Smaller than a smartphone and weighs less than 5 oz.

Add mettle to your pedal
The Only iPad Integrating Recumbent Bicycle: This is the recumbent exercise bicycle that integrates a pedaler’s iPad to help make workouts more entertaining and challenging. Workouts become fast and fun with 26 built-in programs that cover everything from warm-ups to endurance training.

Rockin’ the tablet
The iPad Tabletop JIpad Jukeboxukebox: Provides amazing sound and enables you to trade stacks of vinyl for the world of downloadable iTunes with that nostalgic 1950s look.

A real game-changer
The iPad to Foosball Table Convertor
: This is the only foosball table that enables classic, rod-spinning ball-banking gameplay on the iPad.

Here’s one for the archives
The Preserve Your Memories iPad Scanner: This is the scanner that converts photographs to digital images and stores them directly on an iPad, preserving memories for generations. The scanner automatically feeds pictures and documents up to 81/2″ x 14″. Eliminates the need to scan documents to a computer before transferring them to an iPad.

You’ll get a charge out of this
The Solar Charging iPad Case: The solar panel built into the case’s protective housing uses organic photovoltaic ink—a new technology that converts both indoor and outdoor light into electricity—that constantly charges an iPad.

The Backseat iPad Theatre: Keep the kids occupied and entertained so you can keep your mind on the road. The sturdy plastic mount clamps firmly to the back of any auto headrest and the wireless headphones minimize distractions for the driver.

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