Beer Drinkers, Raise Your Mugs

ReinheitsgebotToday is “National Drink a Beer Day”, complementing Oktoberfest and many Harvest Fests held in towns and villages nationwide.

In the 1800s and until 1920, virtually every community in many areas of the country had at least one small brewery. Then came Prohibition and when that dark era ended in 1933, large, mass-market breweries dominated the industry. Today, there is an explosion in the craft beer market, with 2,347 microbreweries operating in the U.S. in 2012. The industry continues to grow at an estimated 15% annually.

In the northern regions of the U.S., roughly 35° north latitude and above, are found all the ingredients one needs to brew that secret homebrew recipe: barley and grain malts blessed by summer sun, choice backyard hops a group of friends may grow together as a collective effort, yeast cultured from a neighbor’s online college knowledge of amateur biochemistry, and coveted spring water from a local homestead well. These are the basic elements of a tasty brew, as dictated by Reinheitsgebot.

Until now, these small-scale efforts were mostly hit or miss. Now you can quell a thirsty crowd of friends and neighbors with gallons of freshly brewed gemütlichkeit from The Professional Microbrewery. Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, this automatic brewing system is the perfect scale for the home brewmeister or the beginning craft microbrewery. Used as a pilot brewery for professionals, restaurants and taverns, our system takes the guesswork out of brewing, decocting, sparging, pitching and aging beer.  Any brew is possible: from hearty ambers ales to light pilsners, porters and stouts.  Now you have a chance to make beers that win competitions and bring smiles to lovers of craft beer.

So raise your glass with a hearty “Prost!” and enjoy a craft-brew favorite for “National Drink a Beer Day”.

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