Marshmallows : the Treat of Pharaohs, Kings, and Campers

Almost as synonymous with camping as mosquitos, it’s hard to imagine that the marshmallow, that sticky confection, was once only available to Egyptian Pharaohs. Later, candy makers in Asia Minor would create “Turkish Delight”, a nut-filled sweet, light as a sultan’s summer dream. Early marshmallows were cut in squares or rolled into logs and sliced into rounds. It was the French who first took sugar, egg white, gelatin, and high-pressure extrusion technology to make the white sugar pillows we know today. And on this day each year, we celebrate these sweet morsels with National Toasted Marshmallow Day.

While summer is the ideal season for marshmallow toasting, that doesn’t preclude one from enjoying this treat during cold weather months. The Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Indoor Marshmallow RoasterRoaster produces campfire-worthy toasted marshmallows without the open flame that can quickly turn your treat into gelatinized, gooey napalm. The controlled, even electric heat from the stainless-steel unit makes perfect toasted puffs, ideal for s’mores. And happy campers.

With sugar cravings satisfied, you and your friends can amuse yourselves with the leftover marshmallows and The Rapid Reload Double Marshmallow Blaster. Its 30-foot range and popgun power enable combatants to square off in harmless duels, or to shoot empty soda cans off the picnic table into a well-positioned recycling bin.

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