Cecil DeMille : Celebrating a Hollywood Pioneer

Arguably, one of the most influential directors of Hollywood films was Cecil DeMille, born on this day in 1881. DeMille began his career in 1900 as a stage actor on Broadway. By 1914, DeMille had moved on to direct silent films, including Paramount Films’ first production, The Squaw Man. He actually directed this film twice, doing so again as a sound film in 1931.

Known for movies that included spectacular set pieces, perhaps DeMille’s mostCecil Demille memorable work is The Ten Commandments, featuring the parting of the Red Sea and thousands of extras. Unfortunately, this movie was also his last effort. During filming in Egypt in 1956, Cecil DeMille suffered a near-fatal heart attack. Against doctor’s orders, he returned to the set within a week. He finished the film, but never fully recovered and died of a heart ailment in January 1959.

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