Sway Away Hammock Day in Comfort and Style

Petiole-HammockDuring these hottest days of summer, ambition doesn’t come for anything more strenuous than lazing away the afternoon, stretched out on a hammock.

It’s certainly no coincidence that every year, July 22 marks National Hammock Day. Are you prepared?

The modern-day hammock comes from a design originated by the Taino culture, Native Americans who inhabited the northern West Indies, especially the islands that today are Cuba, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. By suspending their beds above the ground, inhabitants were better able to avoid fungal infections, as well as snakes, scorpions, and other biting insects.

By the late 1500s, the hammock had been adopted for use on naval ships, particularly by sailors sleeping on gun decks where limited space prevented the installation of bunks. The hammocks also swayed right along with the motion of the ship, providing better comfort and safety in rough seas.

Today, we depend on the hammock for nothing more than sheer relaxation. If you don’t have the most basic of ingredients to celebrate National Hammock Day, take a look at The Pawleys Island Hammock. This is the sturdiest, most durable and well-made hammock available. It is handcrafted on Pawleys Island, South Carolina—the ancestral home of Captain Joshua Ward who designed the original in the late 1880s. Unlike ordinary hammocks, it is handwoven instead of knotted, using the highest grade, soft cotton twill rope. It contains twice as much rope as most comparable models. Ropes and chains for hanging are included, or you can mount your hammock with the stand and wheel kit.

Although this style of hammock has been around for hundreds of years, there is always a quest to improve on any classic design. We believe we have found the next thing in hammock design with The Petiole Hammock. Recipient of Les Découvertes award for innovation at the prestigious Maison & Objet design show, this is the handmade, self-suspended hammock. The culmination of 20 years of research and design, the hammock is made in Sweden by two artisans who painstakingly mold each piece during a process that requires four weeks to craft one hammock. White glove delivery of this very special item includes installation.

So mix up a pitcher of lemonade, grab your favorite snack and head to the back yard where you can enjoy the too-short summer as it’s meant to be: gently swaying in your own comfortable hammock.

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