Tune In To The Radio’s Beginnings

First-RadioToday it’s all about wireless. Indeed, it seems to be the very definition of our current society. In reality, the wireless concept first transformed lives over 100 years ago with the invention of the radio.

Several scientists, engineers and physicists can be credited with developments that eventually lead to the radio as we know it today. Many would say that Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi was the father of the device, and indeed he was the first person to demonstrate its success and use it commercially.

In the late 1890s, Nikola Tesla publicly demonstrated wireless communication devices and believed the technology could be used for power distribution in addition to communications. He was granted a number of patents, and quipped that when Marconi made the first trans-Atlantic radio transmission in 1901, he did it with 17 Tesla-held patents.

Thus began decades of legal battles over who held the patents for radio. Tesla’s patents were upheld by the courts in 1903, followed by a reversal in Marconi’s favor in 1904. Finally, in 1943 a Supreme Court ruling declared in favor of patents held by Tesla and others. The court noted that the decision had no bearing on Marconi’s claim of achieving the first radio transmission, but he could not claim the patents.

Regardless of the controversy on who truly invented the radio, upon Marconi’s death from a series of heart attacks in 1937, radio stations around the world observed two minutes of silence in his honor.

Today, of course, we follow prominent persons’ passings not just on the radio, but also on TV, the Internet and print media. Still, nothing beats the dependability of the radio for Best-Emergency-Radioportability and its ability to continue to operate after disasters such as tornadoes or wide-spread power outages.

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