Your Urge To Splurge Is About To Surge

Go ahead, indulge yourself…today is National Splurge Day. Consider it time for a little laid-back pampering or your opportunity for something totally outrageous.

Your splurge can be spontaneous or something you’ve planned for years:  a new pair of shoes, that shiny red sports car, a trip to an exotic location, or maybe just an extra 20 minutes on your lunch break. The best part is you decide how to indulge and then go for it.

One example of a splurge-worthy item is the world’s largest chocolate bar. Once you recover from the world’s largest sugar rush, we have some other suggestions for treating yourself extravagantly and unexpectedly.

Few things in life are as satisfying as a nice, long snooze. You know you deserve it! But if sleep eludes you, The Productivity Nap Pod provides a rejuvenating space for those 20-minute power naps.

Feeling reinvigorated, next you might want to work off some calories (see chocolate bar above). A long walk provides countless benefits for the body and the mind alike. No time for a good hike? The Elliptical Machine Office Desk is the adjustable-height desk that pairs with a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer to let users exercise while on the job.

After work, it’s time to splurge on quality time with friends. Fete your crew to waterborne cookouts on The Barbeque Dining Boat, a circular ship with a built-in barbecue grill, umbrella, and trolling motor that entertains up to 10 adults. An even more informal option is The Hot Tub Boat, a watercraft with a relaxing hot tub for six built into its handcrafted teak deck.

If nothing else today, give yourself the freedom to fantasize about those things that you’d normally dismiss as frivolous or unattainable, whether they exist in material form or otherwise. For more ideas to satisfy your urge to splurge, check out our extraordinary selection of the unexpected.

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