Serving Our Country Again And Again.

As we salute the brave men and women who have helped preserve our freedom this Memorial Day, we pause to reflect on how our catalog aided the military through the major armed conflicts of the last century.

It began in 1904, just several years removed from the Spanish American War, when the U.S. Navy began using the Hammacher Schlemmer hardware catalog—with its exquisite line drawings of tools and hardware—as an equipment manual. (Remember, our company began as a hardware store in New York.) The Navy continued to rely on this reference through two World Wars, The Korean War, and most of the Vietnam War. In fact, a copy of our 1000-plus page hardbound hardware catalog resides in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection.

After WWI, we received a citation from the War Department (predecessor to today’s Department of Defense) praising our “…Loyalty, energy and efficiency in the performance of the war work by which Hammacher Schlemmer Co. added materially in obtaining victory for the arms of the United States of America.”

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