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National Save Your Hearing Day – Can You Hear Me Now?

Do you find yourself asking people to speak up? Unfortunately, age-related hearing loss is common—affecting 30 percent of adults aged 65-74 according to the National Institutes of Health. But hearing loss caused by everyday noise is completely preventable.

On National Save Your Hearing Day, Save your hearing day.tune into these protective tips from the Hearing Health Foundation:

  • Wear headphones or earplugs if you work in a loud environment to save your hearing.

Avoid prolonged exposure to power tools, rock concerts, and other noisy situations that produce more than 85 decibels (the sound level of city traffic).

Pump down the volume on that MP3 player—listening at the maximum setting for more than 15 minutes a day can cause permanent damage.

If you’ve already suffered some loss of hearing, devices such as The Voice Clarifying Amplifier, The Voice Clarifying TV Speaker, and The Award Winning Sound Balancing Headphones amplify sounds while dampening background noise.


Healthy and Fit at Any Age – Senior Fitness

Senior FitnessLondon resident Fauja Singh ran a marathon at age 100.

Hiroshi Hoketsu of Japan competed at the Summer Olympics at 71.

You may not be up for grueling athletic events, but celebrating a few more birthdays is no excuse for sitting on the sidelines. National Senior Health & Fitness Day is held annually on the last Wednesday in May to encourage older adults to get back in the game.

The National Institute on Aging agrees: A little exercise, no matter your age or physical condition, does a lot of good for your bones, heart, balance and mood. Even pumping iron —those weights at the gym, not the pills in a bottle—is recommended for senior fitness.

You may just need to adapt your routine, dialing it down from weekend warrior to recreational athlete, or ratcheting it up from couch potato to man (or woman) in motion. For a low-impact workout, try The In Pool Exercise Glider or The Power Assist Pedaler. Other good activities include walking, Tai Chi, or even a little housework. Because getting older doesn’t have to mean slowing down.

Serving Our Country Again And Again.

As we salute the brave men and women who have helped preserve our freedom this Memorial Day, we pause to reflect on how our catalog aided the military through the major armed conflicts of the last century.

It began in 1904, just several years removed from the Spanish American War, when the U.S. Navy began using the Hammacher Schlemmer hardware catalog—with its exquisite line drawings of tools and hardware—as an equipment manual. (Remember, our company began as a hardware store in New York.) The Navy continued to rely on this reference through two World Wars, The Korean War, and most of the Vietnam War. In fact, a copy of our 1000-plus page hardbound hardware catalog resides in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection.

After WWI, we received a citation from the War Department (predecessor to today’s Department of Defense) praising our “…Loyalty, energy and efficiency in the performance of the war work by which Hammacher Schlemmer Co. added materially in obtaining victory for the arms of the United States of America.”

The Immersive Indianapolis 500

Driving simulators have come a long way from the days of the monolithic metal fuselages encountered in high school driver’s ed class. Modern simulators can provide a driving experience that is so realistic, many of the compeIndy 500 Checkered Flagtitors lining up for today’s Indianapolis 500 race use devices such as The Full Immersion Professional Racer’s Simulator to hone their skills in a realistic, yet low-risk environment. After all, if one is going to crash, better that it happens in the virtual world, especially if it helps prevent real-life accidents. Here’s wishing you safe driving this Memorial Day Weekend, whether it be racing around the oval or cruising down a side street.

At 33 years and chomping, Pac-Mania persists.

As most celebrities can attest, it’s difficult to maintain one’s popularity for a single year, let alone for more than three decades. (Take it from us, we know a thingor two about longevity.) That’s why Pac-Man’s staying power—especially in the fickle world of video games—merits special recognition.Pac-Man Arcade

Released on May 22, 1980 by Japanese video game developer Namco, Pac-Man quickly scarfed his way to international stardom. More than threedecades and several billion quarters later, the globular yellow gobbler shows no signs of slowing down. Perhaps it’s his diet of fruit, power pills, and the occasional ghost.

Consider these facts culled from the official Pac-Man web site:

  • The first perfect score of 3,333,360 points was achieved on July 3, 1999 by Billy Mitchell of Hollywood Florida who successfully chomped his way through 256 screens without losing a single life.
  • To commemorate Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary in 2010, Google famously transformed its home page into a Google Doodle of the arcade game. Though not a single quarter was spent, its estimated the game cost employers lost nearly 5 million manhours from distracted workers.
  • Pac-Man inspired students at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications graduate program to create a real life version of the game played on New York City’s streets—Pac-Manhattan.

Today, players can indulge their appetite for pac-dots anywhere via a free app (first level only) for the iPhone/iPad. For the video game purists, we offer The 30th Anniversary Authentic Pac-Man Arcade Game, a full-size console that plays just like the original.

Wocka wocka wocka indeed.