VHS To DVD Converter

Those cherished home videos don’t need to collect dust on your shelf. The VHS movies you haven’t watched in years should be preserved for a lifetime of viewing. Now with The VHS To DVD Converter from Hammacher Schlemmer, old is new again!

VHS DVD Converter

This converter preserves your memories by transferring VHS recordings to DVDs with the touch of a button. Also a player, the VHS to DVD Converter is ideal for those who have a library of both DVD and VHS home videos. For viewing DVDs, the unit has 1080p upscaling through an HDMI output, maximizing video resolution and audio on an HDMI-compatible television using a single cable. A front DV input allows you to connect a camcorder directly to the device to transfer content directly to a DVD (includes a coaxial input as well as component and composite inputs). An onscreen display guides you through set up. Compatible with most DVD formats–not compatible with Blu-Ray or PAL-formatted media. The system allows MP3, JPEG, and WMA playback, and includes a universal remote control.

Free up some space on your entertainment center shelves, and don’t let those video tapes deteriorate for another day. Get The VHS to DVD Converter.

The VHS to DVD Converter

3 thoughts on “VHS To DVD Converter

  1. Stan Kennedy

    I am considering the purchase of this unit. I really wish there was more spec info available. My question is: Will a VHS tape played in this unit output through the HDMI interface? I realize that it will copy the tape to the DVD and then that output is through the HDMI but I am not sure if I can just play a VHS tape and have it output via the HDMI interface. This is very important to me in order to simplify using it with my setup. Also is there a Optical output available? Thanks for a prompt reply!

    1. Janine

      Hello Mr. Kennedy. I apologize for a late response; the blog is not updated over the weekend.

      I will try to find an answer for you today regarding the DVD Converter.

    2. Janine

      Mr. Kennedy, You can hook up the VHS to DVD player via a HDMI connection and I would think that the VHS will play through that connection, but the VHS is going to play in the quality that it was taped in so I don’t believe it will be HD quality.

      As far as Optical output, I’m sorry, I do not know what you mean by that.


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