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Faceless Watch

This is The Faceless Watch, the watch that disguises itself as a bracelet until prompted by the touch of a button for time and date.

Faceless WatchAvailable in both Lady’s and Gentleman’s models, the Faceless Watch features LEDs hidden in the band that illuminate to show the hour on the top row, and the minute on the bottom row. Press again and the month and day appear in the 1/2″ lights.

Faceless Watch



Made of stainless steel, the band has a durable electroplated finish, and can be adjusted to size, by a professional, with the two included additional links. The Lady’s Faceless Watch features a 3/4-inch wide band, while the Gentleman’s model is 1 full inch wide. Both are available in two colors: Black, featuring red LEDs, and Brushed Nickel, with its blue LEDs.

A truly unique timepiece, The Faceless Watch from Hammacher Schlemmer adds style and functionality to any jewelry collection.

The Faceless Watch

VHS To DVD Converter

Those cherished home videos don’t need to collect dust on your shelf. The VHS movies you haven’t watched in years should be preserved for a lifetime of viewing. Now with The VHS To DVD Converter from Hammacher Schlemmer, old is new again!

VHS DVD Converter

This converter preserves your memories by transferring VHS recordings to DVDs with the touch of a button. Also a player, the VHS to DVD Converter is ideal for those who have a library of both DVD and VHS home videos. For viewing DVDs, the unit has 1080p upscaling through an HDMI output, maximizing video resolution and audio on an HDMI-compatible television using a single cable. A front DV input allows you to connect a camcorder directly to the device to transfer content directly to a DVD (includes a coaxial input as well as component and composite inputs). An onscreen display guides you through set up. Compatible with most DVD formats–not compatible with Blu-Ray or PAL-formatted media. The system allows MP3, JPEG, and WMA playback, and includes a universal remote control.

Free up some space on your entertainment center shelves, and don’t let those video tapes deteriorate for another day. Get The VHS to DVD Converter.

The VHS to DVD Converter

Southern Sweet Tea Brewer

This is The Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer, the tea brewing machine that has perfectly steeped and sweetened tea ready in 10 minutes.

Southern Sweet Tea BrewerIf you’ve ever smelled the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, and wished you could have the same experience when making tea, wish no more. As simple to use as a coffee maker, while needing only the same amount of counter space, the Southern Sweet Tea Brewer steeps tea at 204 degrees — the ideal steeping temperature — to extract the ideal flavor, whether you use loose leaf or bagged tea. You choose the strength by simply turning the dial.

Hate having gritty sugar crystals in your tea? No problem, as the Southern Sweet Tea Brewer adds your preferred amount of sweetener while the tea is still hot, ensuring the sugar granules dissolve for consistent sweetness through the entire pitcher. The 2 1/2-quart glass pitcher has an ice level marking for the perfect cooling ratio, and the unit includes a reusable stainless steel tea filter.

Have a taste for real southern brewed sweet tea? The Southern Sweet Tea Brewer brings the flavor of the south right to your own kitchen.

The Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer

Winter Storm Preparedness

As we head into the winter months, our thoughts turn from picnics and beach weekends to Christmas time and sled riding. But the change of seasons also means substantial climate change for most of us, and it is important to be adequately prepared. We’ve compiled a list of winter storm preparedness items and precautions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service that they suggest you have in case severe winter weather strikes.

When you’re home:

We don’t like to think about being stuck in our homes during and after a storm, but if bitter cold or blizzard conditions should cut us off for any extended period of time, be prepared by having these items easily accessible at home.

Extra food and water. Particularly, foods that don’t need to be refrigerated and cooked, should you experience loss of power. (Don’t forget that old hand-cranked can opener.)Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag

Additional Blankets and Sleeping Bags.

Gloves and hats. In addition, be sure to have layers of warm clothing to wear, layers that can easily be removed or added as your body warms and cools. Should you become overheated from shoveling snow or other activity, change into dry clothing immediately so as not to become chilled.

Extra medications and baby supplies. (Remember provisions for your pets too!)

Best Emergency RadioFlashlights and extra batteries.

A battery-operated NOAA radio to keep abreast of changing weather conditions.

Heating fuel. If you rely on a delivery truck for fuel, they not be able to reach you after heavy storms. Don’t run low!

If you have a fire place or wood-burning stove, you are ahead of the game. Make sure you have ample (dry) firewood for those days when it could be your only source of heat.

Do not try to venture outside unless absolutely necessary. If you are warm and dry, stay put. If you need assistance call for help.

We’ll be back soon with some winter storm preparedness advice for your vehicle.

Treasure Hunt Game

This is The Award Winning Treasure Hunt Game, that tasks young players to find hidden treasures using a series of clues. A wonderful game in which the whole family can get involved, it won a Parent’s Choice Toy Award.

Treasure Hunt GameA reversible indoor/outdoor map resplendent in 18th-century pirate imagery provides a backdrop for using coordinates to find hidden clues, while the included clue cards and images use “Pirate Speak” to convey hints to treasure locations. Suitable for playing both indoors and outdoors, players search for game coins using the pre-printed clues, or use the blank cards to write your own clues. One clue leads to another, scavenger hunt style, until the ultimate treasure is found.

Whether you’re in need of indoor action during the cold winter months, or a group activity that can be enjoyed year-round, The Award Winning Treasure Hunt Game from Hammacher Schlemmer marks the spot for wholesome family fun!

The Award Winning Treasure Hunt Game