The Quest for Perfect Holiday Timing

Ask 10 people the same question, and you will likely receive 10 different responses: When is the appropriate time to decorate your home for the holidays?

Of course, there can be two separate designations here, one being indoors, the second being outdoors. As no one but you is likely to have much to say in regards to what you 423289_10150628172168893_722201739_nhave inside your home, this query deals with outdoor decorations, visible to neighbors and passersby.

One rule of thumb we’ve often seen is the “Month of the Event” scenario. If you want to dress up your yard for Halloween, the first of October seems a good time to begin. Thanksgiving fare would be best suited for November 1. Want to put up streamers for the Fourth of July? You may need to fly in the face of this particular rule, as 4 days doesn’t seem to be enough time for your efforts to be noticed. If you’re decking your halls for Christmas, the first day of December is the sensible start of the season.

Of course, this becomes controversial for those who want to take advantage of the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving. Many have a 4-day weekend’s worth of time to occupy, and breaking out the Christmas decorations seems a logical activity. Especially for those opposed to Black Friday mall crowds.

What say you? Does it matter? Should it matter? How does what one person feels is proper affect those around them? Have you ever had a disagreement with a neighbor or relative about their, or your, holiday decorations?

And what about the appropriate timing for removing said ornamentation? Ah, we fear that may be something to tackle another time.

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