R2D2 Cufflinks

Everybody’s crazy about a sharp dressed Jedi Knight. And these are The R2D2 Cufflinks they’re all wearing this season.

R2D2 CufflinksNot just your ordinary accessory, the R2D2 Cufflinks each pull apart to reveal 2GB of USB storage, perfect for hiding secret plans to destroy death stars, or for keeping holographic images of intergalactic queens safely. The quality silver-plated enamel cufflinks are officially licensed by LucasFilm. Whale-back closures keep them secure, and they’ll be presented to your rebel leader in black gift boxes.

Stand out from the wanna-be Jedi Masters at your next black-tie affair, with The R2D2 Cufflinks from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The R2D2 Cufflinks

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