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The Quest for Perfect Holiday Timing

Ask 10 people the same question, and you will likely receive 10 different responses: When is the appropriate time to decorate your home for the holidays?

Of course, there can be two separate designations here, one being indoors, the second being outdoors. As no one but you is likely to have much to say in regards to what you 423289_10150628172168893_722201739_nhave inside your home, this query deals with outdoor decorations, visible to neighbors and passersby.

One rule of thumb we’ve often seen is the “Month of the Event” scenario. If you want to dress up your yard for Halloween, the first of October seems a good time to begin. Thanksgiving fare would be best suited for November 1. Want to put up streamers for the Fourth of July? You may need to fly in the face of this particular rule, as 4 days doesn’t seem to be enough time for your efforts to be noticed. If you’re decking your halls for Christmas, the first day of December is the sensible start of the season.

Of course, this becomes controversial for those who want to take advantage of the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving. Many have a 4-day weekend’s worth of time to occupy, and breaking out the Christmas decorations seems a logical activity. Especially for those opposed to Black Friday mall crowds.

What say you? Does it matter? Should it matter? How does what one person feels is proper affect those around them? Have you ever had a disagreement with a neighbor or relative about their, or your, holiday decorations?

And what about the appropriate timing for removing said ornamentation? Ah, we fear that may be something to tackle another time.

Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater

This is The Only Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater from Hammacher Schlemmer, The Only bathroom heater that let’s you set the precise temperature to accommodate your comfort level for those early mornings.

Digital Thermostat Bathroom HeaterSet the timer on The Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater when you turn in for the night to your desired setting, between 65 and 85 degrees. The 1500-watt heater will begin transforming the cold environs of your bathroom into a warm, friendly oasis before your alarm clock sounds. When tested by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, this heater needed only 15 minutes to warm the ambient temperature of a bathroom by 5 degrees. An included bracket allows wall mounting, or simply place it on a flat surface. With its patented shut-off feature, the unit turns itself off to prevent overheating.

Stop walking into a frigid bathroom this winter. Get The Only Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Only Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater

iPhone Photo Printer

The iPhone Photo Printer from Hammacher Schlemmer allows you to print pictures directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch without the need for a computer, and without software. The downloadable app is free, and it doesn’t even require an ink cartridge! Thanks to patented paper embedded with yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals, this iPhone photo printer produces clear 300 dpi resolution pictures in less than a minute’s time. Taking up no more space than a tissue box, and with an available Nylon Carrying Case, it goes anywhere you do.

iPhone Photo PrinterImagine getting the perfect shot through your iPhone lens, and immediately being able to share prints you can send home with family and friends. No waiting until you get home to download and print your pictures, or stopping at the pharmacy photo kiosk. Print them out instantly, with The iPhone Photo Printer.

The iPhone Photo Printer

Front Pocket Wallet

This is The Front Pocket Wallet from Hammacher Schlemmer. It is the wallet to be worn when keeping valuables out of the reach of pickpockets is a concern.

Front Pocket WalletWith its curved and tapered end, the Front Pocket Wallet slides perfectly into either front pocket of a pair of pants, eliminating the threat of the nudge-and-grab technique used by wallet thieves. The soft satin leather has the pliability to mold to the curve of your thigh, making it unobtrusive whether you’re sitting or walking. Listen to what Michelle in Washington, D.C., whose son needed a better solution than his conventional wallet, had to say:

“My son was forever removing his old wallet because it was too bulky and wouldn’t sit in his front pocket comfortably. He LOVES this wallet because it’s slim, holds everything he needs, and fits perfectly in the front pocket of his trousers. He says this is the best gift he’s ever gotten – definitely a satisfied customer!”

With an ID window to hold your drivers license, three slots for credit cards, and a 10-inch long bill compartment, it has all the storage you’ll need for a more comfortable, everyday wallet. The Front Pocket Wallet keeps your money away from others, yet remains within your easy reach.

The Front Pocket Wallet.

The ways we shop

423289_10150628172168893_722201739_nThe internet has changed the way consumers buy goods. No longer needing to jump in the car or catch a bus each time we’re in need of a product, a few clicks on the web is all it takes to have the things we desire sent right to our door. As long as we have the time to wait for delivery, most of our shopping can be done from the couch. There are even services that allow you to purchase your groceries online. And while some will always prefer picking out their own fresh breads, meats and produce, this can be a tremendous convenience for folks with transportation limitations.

But is online shopping always the answer? What about sitting in the sectional sofa in the showroom and making sure it’s comfortable? Wouldn’t you prefer to try on the new fall fashions before you buy? Yes, you know what sizes you wear on paper, but how can one be sure each clothing manufacturer’s dimensions are the same across the board?

Many consumers have learned, and adapted, to these dilemmas. Brick and mortar shops have become virtual showrooms for online shoppers, who head to department stores and specialty shops to try items on for size or kick the tires, then return home and make their purchases online. Does this defeat the purpose of home shopping? Does traveling to and from these exploratory excursions, let alone the the time spent inside the stores, lessen the value of making your buys from your computer or smartphone? And what about the widely-changing issue of sales tax? If and when more online retailers are forced to charge all internet shoppers the same taxes walk-in customers have always been responsible for, will that change your mind about how much of your purchases are done in the virtual world?

We’d like to hear where you do your shopping? Are there certain products you will always choose online? Are there others you would never buy sight unseen? Please, let us know in the comments section.


iPad Internet Chat Handset

This iPad Internet Chat Handset provides the ideal interface for Skype and FaceTime users when conducting video chats. The iPad2 or iPad3 is propped up at a convenient viewing angle while wirelessly connecting to the Bluetooth keyboard for easy typing.

iPad Internet Chat HandsetEliminating the need to shout through a speakerphone, the iPad chat handset lets the user converse as if on a traditional phone call, even as it drowns out ambient noise for clear reception. With the included USB cable, a two-hour charge while connected to your a computer provides up to 40 hours of uninterrupted use. And when not being utilized, the handset and keyboard fold up to the size of a portfolio for ease of mobility.

Missing the feeling of being on a phone call, while needing the convenience and clarity of a web-connected conversation? Then The iPad Internet Chat Handset from Hammacher Schlemmer is the perfect utility.

The iPad Internet Chat Handset

Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System

“Battery powered nirvana.” –  That’s how Bubba in Maryland described The Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System from Hammacher Schlemmer. He goes on to say “I put it on and the pain goes away! I initially thought that such a powerful little device would have a short battery life – NOT SO. I have used the device every day – 30 minutes each time – the batteries are still going strong.

Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator SystemThis cordless home electrotherapy system delivers hours of drug-free pain relief without requiring a visit to a doctor. The device employs Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, a method of pain relief therapy widely adopted by medical professionals. When the self-adhesive electrode pads of this device are placed on sore spots, they send harmless low-frequency electrical pulses into the tissue that block pain signals passing through nerves to the brain. The system increases blood flow to the area to promote healing and relaxation. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, TENS therapy can be an effective element of pain management for low-intensity discomfort, such as back pain and muscle soreness in the extremities. The tethered controller lets you easily choose from 10 treatment modes with 10 intensity levels. System comes with two small electrode pads, two large electrode pads, an adjustable belt that secures the electrodes for back pain relief, and carrying bag. Includes three AAA batteries. Not for use by those with pacemakers.

Doesn’t this sound like the pain relief you’re looking for as well? Get The Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System today.


Healthiest Potato Chip Maker

Healthiest Potato Chip MakerThe Healthiest Potato Chip Maker from Hammacher Schlemmer eliminates the need for cooking oil, allowing you to make perfect chips without the fat, in mere minutes.

Using the included mandolin slicer, potatoes are sliced and laid onto patented silicone trays and placed into your microwave oven for cooking. Stack the trays up to 3 high for larger batches. The surfaces of the Potato Chip Maker’s trays create convection heat, without needing any oil whatsoever. And, they are dishwasher safe, so clean up is a snap.

You can add your favorite seasonings to make your favorite flavors of chips. The potato chip maker can also be used to cook chips from other fruits and vegetables, without adding the calories from oil. For healthy, home-made chips done right inside your microwave, try The Healthiest Potato Chip Maker.

The Healthiest Potato Chip Maker

Lexicographer’s Extended Scrabble

The Lexicographer’s Extended Scrabble from Hammacher Schlemmer allows board game connoisseurs to soar to the next level.

Lexicographer's Extended ScrabbleFor many, the Scrabble-style games we’ve been playing on our mobile phones, with their added scoring spaces for huge point opportunities, have left the classic game feeling rather tame. This is the cure. Sporting a game board 21 tiles square, the Extended Scrabble dwarfs the old 15-square surface. And those triple-word spaces your opponent used will seem modest once you drop a quadruple word on them! Add to that 200 tiles — double the tile count of the original version — and you may need a calculator to tally up the damage. Of course, you’ll need to pull out the old dictionary and challenge the words that cyber version thinks are real.

As for your previous combatants, who like to “accidentally” bump the table in a sneezing fit when they trail by 100 points, not to worry. These tiles have pegs that extend into the board to keep it secure. At least long enough to snap a photo of your huge score with that cell phone, now that you don’t need it for playing Scrabble.

Are you ready for the next challenge in letter conglomeration domination? Then you’re ready for The Lexicographer’s Extended Scrabble.

The Lexicographer’s Extended Scrabble

Press Release: Hammacher Schlemmer Introduces The Fashionista Christmas Tree

New York, NY, October 23, 2012- Continuing its 164-year history of offering the Best, the Only, and the Unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces The Fashionista Christmas Tree, an artificial tree in the shape of a couturier’s dress form.

Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, The Fashionista Christmas Tree eschews the geometric lines of typical trees and is tailored to the shape of a three-dimensional mannequin, a form more common to department store windows and fashion designers’ studios.

The Fashionista Christmas Tree allows one to celebrate the holiday season in an elegant, fashionable manner, while still providing a way to display traditional Christmas decoration,” explained Hammacher Schlemmer’s General Manager Fred Berns.

The dark-green needles wrap tightly around the high collar, along the torso and arms, and across the hoop skirt, evoking memories of traditional Christmas conifers while accentuating the curves of the dress form.

The Fashionista Christmas Tree is pre-strung with 150 LEDs that glimmer through the evergreen foliage from the shapely torso past the perfect size-four waist, and eight removable, iridescent globe ornaments cast a ruby-red hue while leaving room for personal holiday trimmings.

Topped with a matte-finish metal star, The Fashionista Christmas Tree has a 15″ hem that leaves ample clearance for gifts.