Dressing for the Season

Now that summer has faded to fall, many have been tasked with transforming their wardrobes from tanks and shorts to sleeves and pants. Gone is the single light jacket we kept handy for rainy days, replaced by thicker, insulated coats and wind breakers. Yet for every northerner swapping out tees for sweaters, there’s a southern belle merely trading fall colors over summer fare. No more white pants (it is past Labor Day, after all), but not needing to switch entirely to cold-weather attire. So how much does your geographic location affect your wardrobe in each season?

Of course, someone living in South Florida or Arizona will be much less challenged by winter’s approach as someone in, say, the Dakotas. That doesn’t mean there will be no need for cold-weather apparel in the south, but it certainly won’t be necessary on a daily basis, as would be the case up north. And how many times have those of us in colder climates seen folks waiting for a cab at the airport, shivering in frigid air after packing too light for the colder regions they’d be visiting? Even returning home from a trip, especially if for an extended period of time, can leave one ill prepared for their arrival back into temperatures that have changed dramatically since departing home.

These leaves us to wonder how you personally deal with the change of seasons and their apparel ramifications. Do you look forward to hitting the stores for the latest fashion updates? What about moving: Have any of you had to completely redo your wardrobe because you’ve moved from one distinctive climate to another? We’d love to hear from you!

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