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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Sandy has been a reminder of how inclement weather can strike any part of the world, at any time. Are you ready? Emergency management organizations offer hurricane preparedness tips and ideas so you can be ready when a storm hits.It is recommended that you be prepared at all times, rather than rushing to gather supplies when storms are imminent. When a storm is called for, you won’t be the only one seeking hurricane preparedness supplies, and they run out quickly.

This is by no means a complete list, but merely a start if you’ve yet to begin readying your home for a hurricane and/or flood.

Have an emergency evacuation plan in place, so as not to be caught off guard in an actual storm. If emergency evacuation is called for, gather the items you will need while away from home and go. The sooner you leave, the easier it will be, with less traffic, more necessities on store shelves, etc. Even if emergency personnel don’t require it, if you feel you’re in danger, and you can safely move to a more secure location, do so. Your property is not worth more than your life. If you are in a safe location, and have the means, share your shelter with others. Your extra bedroom can be a safe haven for a family member or friend, but only if they know it is available.

30 Day LanternIf you are safely able to remain in your home, you will want it to be well stocked. The CDC recommends you have supplies to last 3 to 5 days without power and running water. You should have:

Clean drinking water (aprox one gallon per person per day)

A first aid kit

Baby care items/ formula for homes with infants


A battery-operated emergency radioBest Emergency Radio

Flashlights and other non-electric lighting

Non-perishable Food (Be sure you have a good, old-fashioned manual can opener. Electric can openers are useless without power)

Medications you or anyone in your household take

Disposable cleaning cloths. Without running water, or without hot water, these may be your only bathing option

A generator and fuel

Solar Power Generator

If your home or business require boarding up, and you have storage space, keep necessary plywood on hand. Remember, you might have issues transporting building materials if buying them at a moment’s notice.

Thorough hurricane preparedness includes being sure your car has provisions as well. Food, flares, booster cables, a first aid kit, a sleeping bag or blankets, are just a few of the items you’ll need in the event you must make a quick exit from your home, and should you be stranded in your vehicle.

Remember if you remain in your home, your neighbors might be home as well. Stay in touch with them, and offer to share extra supplies with them should they be in need, just as you would hope they would share with you in your time of need. Hurricane preparedness is a team effort, and you’ll want all the help and support available. Everyone needs to pull together during a state of emergency and help each other through.

The Only Waffle and Omelet Maker

This is The Only Waffle and Omelet Maker, and it just solved your dilemma about what to have for breakfast. Because when you can’t decide between one or the other, you make both!

Only Omelet And Waffle MakerHeated by separate temperature controls with six different settings, this brunching dynamo let’s you cook a Belgian waffle to golden perfection as it simultaneously whips up a tender, airy omelet. Each side is an inch thick, so your waffle will hold any amount of toppings you desire, and your omelet can be stuffed with cheeses, meats, and veggies.  LEDs on the front panel light up, and the unit prompts with a beep, when your dishes are ready to flip, assuring optimal deliciousness at every turn. All that’s left to do is add some syrup or fruit compote to the waffle, grab a fork, and satisfy both your sweet and savory sides.

Can’t make a decision so early in the morning? Don’t. Have them both, with The Only Waffle and Omelet Maker, from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Only Waffle and Omelet Maker

Hurricane Cleanup

The aftermath of a disaster is devastating to anyone affected. The sight of returning to damaged property can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the only way to begin healing the pain is to immediately start the clean-up process. Here are some helpful hurricane cleanup tips from the Centers for Disease Control and the Federal Emergency Management Agency when returning to damaged property.

Most importantly, make sure your home or business is safe before entering to begin hurricane cleanup work. That may require examination by a building inspector or other government authority. Standing water from flooding, live electrical wires, or leaking gas lines are just a few of the hazards which may be present in a damaged structure, as well as when driving or walking into an affected area. You must know it is safe before going back. Once you’ve received permission to enter, open doors and windows to allow maximum ventilation. Take photos of damage.

Use a radio or other device to keep abreast of breaking news and weather. Have a mobile phone charged and ready to use in case additional emergencies occur.4 iPhone iPad Charging Hub


Wear proper safety equipment. Eye protection is a must! Hard hats, work boots and gloves, ear plugs or headphones, should be worn at all times. Wearing a respirator will make breathing easier, especially for those with allergy issues, but disaster locations always have additional airborne impurities, so these are highly recommended. Keep a first aid kit handy for minor injuries, cuts, and scrapes. When flood waters are involved, wear watertight boots and gloves. Remember, flood water is filthy. It is not comprised simply of sea or river water, but also sewage, fuels, and every other substance the storm surge has picked up along the way. Assume that everything it has contacted is contaminated, and must be dealt with accordingly.

Solar Power GeneratorKeep in mind hurricane cleanup will be extremely difficult, intense labor. Pace yourself. Do not overwork. Start with one task, and get it done before moving on to the next. Eat properly, and avoid alcohol. If you become tired, rest, or call it a day. If you become faint or injured, seek medical attention immediately. If using  fuel-powered generators, keep them outside, away from windows, to avoid carbon monoxide buildup inside. The Solar Power Generator uses renewal energy from the sun, is quiet, and gives off no emissions.

When flooding has occurred, as is most often the case with hurricane cleanup, take extra precautions to assure safety. Storm surge and heavy rains are major calamities associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. Standing flood water may contain hidden hazards. Do not assume it is safe to walk through. Water and electricity do not mix. Turn off electrical circuits and electrical equipment only if you can do so without standing in water. Call an electrician for assistance if this is the case. Never attempt to turn power on or off, nor use electrical tools, when you must stand in flood waters.

The Environmental Protection Agency advises disposing of all items that have been in standing water for more than 48 hours. Any items capable of soaking up flood waters that became wet should be discarded. Carpeting and rugs, including their padding, mattresses, upholstered sofas and chairs cannot be cleaned and should be thrown away. In addition, stuffed animals and baby toys, books, and paper products must be thrown out. Tear down and discard drywall, wall coverings, and insulation that have been contaminated by flood waters. Wet clothing should be laundered in hot water and detergent before being worn again.

Get help with larger and heavy items. Water-logged items will have added weight than when dry. Be sure you are on solid footing when working and when removing damaged items. Along with hiding obstacles, flood waters can make surfaces slippery.

Best Low Profile Window FanIn order to combat the infestation of mold, all hard surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and laundry or dish detergent, then disinfected with a 1-to-5 ratio of bleach to water.  This includes flooring, concrete, appliances and counter tops, metal furniture, and moldings.  Keep doors and windows open, and use fans when available to keep air moving. It is recommended that a dehumidifier be used if you have a generator, or once power is restored. The key to eliminating mold and mildew is to eliminate moisture.

Be sure to maintain proper hygiene to the fullest extent possible. Flood waters contain many kinds of pollutants and contaminants. Wash thoroughly with soap and water when you’ve finished working. Any cuts or sores should be washed, then covered with an antibiotic ointment to stave off infection. Launder clothing that has come in contact with flood waters separate from other laundry. This includes not only the clothes you’ve just worked in, but the clothing in your home that became wet in the flooding.

Hurricane cleanup outside your home or business can be just as labor-intensive.  Be sure downed electric lines are no longer live before attempting to work near them to remove fallen trees or other debris. Wear proper safety equipment if a chainsaw will be needed. Any trees leaning precariously after the storm should be dealt with by a professional tree feller.

If the task of cleaning up in and around your home or business becomes too much to handle, and you must hire someone to do it for you, be sure to employ qualified professionals. There are those who would prey on folks in unfortunate predicaments. If you suspect someone has attempted to scam you, contact authorities immediately. Once they’ve moved on from your home, they’ll try to lure someone else into their scheme.

For further information on hurricane cleanup and being safe during the aftermath of a disaster, you are encouraged to go to the CDC’s site or contact FEMA for assistance.

Are you prepared for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Isaac has been a grim reminder that the end of summer does not mean the end of hurricane season. According to NOAA both the Atlantic and Pacific hurricane seasons officially last through the end of November. Are you prepared should the next major storm strike your area?


Best Emergency RadioThe Best Emergency Radio from Hammacher Schlemmer keeps you informed of  what’s going on around you even in the worst of conditions.  This emergency radio earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it delivered a superior combination of sound quality, playback time, and reception. Analysts turned the units’ dynamos for one minute to power the rechargeable batteries. The radios were turned on until power was exhausted and The Best Emergency Radio lasted 8.7X longer than lesser models. The Best model’s large, ergonomic hand crank required little effort to turn and, unlike other radios with analog tuners, it has an easy-to-adjust digital tuner that received 33% more radio stations than competing radios and produced crisp, clear sound of AM and FM stations. The Best model allowed analysts to hear every word of the seven NOAA Weather Bands, unlike other models that produced distorted, static-filled audio. The Best model’s superior features include an integrated LED flashlight, USB port for charging smartphones, mini-USB cable, and a built-in solar panel for supplemental power.

Solar Power GeneratorUnlike noisy gas or propane generators that produce noxious fumes, The Solar Power Generator is silent and provides zero-emission back up power without relying on volatile fuels. When fully charged, the 1250-watt battery powers a refrigerator for up to four days, a television for 35 hours, or a laptop for up to 30 hours.


Day of the Week Clock

It’s happened to us all. You jump out of bed when you see the clock strike 7am. You’re half an hour late. A hurried shower, an unmatched choice of clothing, and you rush out the door and speed off. It’s about halfway to the office, or your first class, when you wonder: Why aren’t there more cars on the road? And as soon as those words hit your brain, you realize. It’s Saturday!

Day of the Week ClockThe Day of the Week Clock from Hammacher Schlemmer would have stopped you at the door. This oak-framed time piece not only keeps accurate track of the hour, it also features a continuously moving third hand that tells you what day of the week it is. A quick check of the red hand lets you know if you should be donning your Sunday best, or business attire.

When the cold, dreary Winter weeks bland into one another, don’t be lulled into a time warp. Be sure you know your Wednesdays from Thursdays, with The Day of the Week Clock.

The Day of the Week Clock

Space Saving 18 Shoe Rack

The Space Saving Shoe Rack from Hammacher Schlemmer helps you organize your closet by storing shoes vertically instead of along the floor.

Space Saving Shoe RackRequiring only one square foot of floor space, this sturdy steel tower has three storage levels that each hold six pairs of shoes. The heights are adjustable, so you can customize the hangers for your easiest reach. Carol in Arkansas likes it because:

It’s NOT top heavy. Keeps shoes organized and in an orderly place, easy to access.

Get control of your shoe storage with the perfect solution to floor clutter: The Space Saving  Shoe Rack.

The Space Saving Shoe Rack

Dressing for the Season

Now that summer has faded to fall, many have been tasked with transforming their wardrobes from tanks and shorts to sleeves and pants. Gone is the single light jacket we kept handy for rainy days, replaced by thicker, insulated coats and wind breakers. Yet for every northerner swapping out tees for sweaters, there’s a southern belle merely trading fall colors over summer fare. No more white pants (it is past Labor Day, after all), but not needing to switch entirely to cold-weather attire. So how much does your geographic location affect your wardrobe in each season?

Of course, someone living in South Florida or Arizona will be much less challenged by winter’s approach as someone in, say, the Dakotas. That doesn’t mean there will be no need for cold-weather apparel in the south, but it certainly won’t be necessary on a daily basis, as would be the case up north. And how many times have those of us in colder climates seen folks waiting for a cab at the airport, shivering in frigid air after packing too light for the colder regions they’d be visiting? Even returning home from a trip, especially if for an extended period of time, can leave one ill prepared for their arrival back into temperatures that have changed dramatically since departing home.

These leaves us to wonder how you personally deal with the change of seasons and their apparel ramifications. Do you look forward to hitting the stores for the latest fashion updates? What about moving: Have any of you had to completely redo your wardrobe because you’ve moved from one distinctive climate to another? We’d love to hear from you!

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

With The Bluetooth Shower Speaker from Hammacher Schlemmer, we no longer need to risk drowning our cell phones in order to access our preferred playlists.

Bluetooth Shower SpeakerEver since rivers have run and brooks have babbled, humans have been singing in the shower. There’s just something about the way music and water mix that makes the bathroom the perfect studio for amateur crooners to belt out their favorite tunes and show-stoppers. And since electric stereos don’t fare well in steamy environs, we’ve been limited to a capella versions of the classic standards. Until now.

The Bluetooth Shower Speaker connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled iPhone, iPad, or Android device to stream music inside your shower stall. A control panel allows you to scroll through songs, adjust the volume,  pause, and play. The LED screen has a clock to let you keep an eye on the time you might otherwise lose track of as you rehearse for your American Idol audition. The shower speaker attaches to your shower wall with a removable adhesive strip, or it can be set on a ledge or hung form the shower head.

Don’t just sing while you bathe; sing along, and let your voice be heard, with The Bluetooth Shower Speaker.

The Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Thinnest Credit Card Wallet

The Thinnest Credit Card Wallet from Hammacher Schlemmer has the capacity to hold 20 cards, doubling the number of cards a typical wallet can hold, allowing it to be much more comfortable when carried in a pocket.

Thinnest Credit Card WalletNever again to leave its user off balance due to over-stuffing of the posterior pants pocket, this credit card holder has four pockets that are hinged so as to nest together into a neat, efficient space. Even with all four chambers holding their max of 5 cards each, the wallet still collapses to just about one half inch, while flexing at its breaks for seating comfort. Two slots within the wallet’s interior accommodate cash and receipts.

Handmade in the U.S., the wallet is made with both a soft, full-grain cowhide leather interior and exterior. Stop fidgeting in your seat because you’ve overloaded your credit card holder. Get The Thinnest Credit Card Wallet.

The Thinnest Credit Card Wallet

Dirt Detecting Radio Frequency Roomba

The Dirt Detecting Radio Frequency Roomba, found only at Hammacher Schlemmer, is the floor-cleaning robotic vacuum you can schedule or launch without being in the same room. Just transmit signals with its remote control that go through walls and ceilings that tell the Radio Frequency Roomba when to clean, or command it to get started on cleaning the room it currently occupies, from up to 25 feet away.

Dirt Detecting Radio Frequency RoombaThe cleaning head on this Roomba 790 adjusts automatically from bare to carpeted floors, leaving dust, dirt, and pet hair no place to hide. Made by iRobot, developers of tactical reconnaissance robots for the U.S. military, Roomba 790 uses sensors to navigate around furniture and stairs, and clean under beds and along walls. The efficient back-and-forth motion is the product of its careful analysis of the room to determine the best cleaning path. Sensors determine when the vacuum is working hardest, so it can concentrate on areas more heavily soiled. When the battery gets low, Roomba simply returns itself to the charging base and re-energizes.

Dirt Detecting Radio Frequency RoombaAmply accessorized with 6 extra HEPA filters, 5 extra brushes, and 2 Virtual Wall lighthouses to confine it to a single room, all packed in a convenient carrying case, the Dirt Detecting Radio Frequency Roomba is the all-in-one vacuuming dynamo you need to tackle your biggest household chore.

The Dirt Detecting Radio Frequency Roomba.