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Compact Elliptical Trainer

Compact elliptical trainers from Hammacher Schlemmer are the perfect way to fit in your workout, when full-sized equipment won’t squeeze into your space.

Compact Elliptical TrainerWe don’t always have the time to make it to a gym, and weather conditions sometimes prevent outdoor activities. So here’s a way to get your exercise inside, without bulky gear. Perfect for your home or office, this full-motion elliptical trainer easily stores in a closet once you’ve finished your workout.

This compact elliptical has a 20″ L x 12″ W footprint, taking up minimal floor space. Its foam-covered handle adjusts up to 49 1/2″ H and locks into place with a tension knob, providing a secure handhold during a workout. The non-slip pedals provide stable footing during forward and backward elliptical movement; tension adjusts using a dial between the pedals. The LCD shows you the number of strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned, scrolling through each statistic one at a time.

If you need to get some exercise indoors, but you just don’t have the space in which to do it, The Compact Elliptical Trainer is the right machine for you.

The Compact Elliptical Trainer

Live Christmas Trees that come to you!

Nothing can replicate the fragrance of a live Christmas tree in your home. For many, that fragrance from the living room is the first true sign the Christmas season is upon us. That, and the pain of finding the right Christmas tree when they’re all tied with rope, leaning against a fence at the local gas station. Or the delicate balance between tying a living, breathing plant to the roof of your car securely without damaging it, followed by the pleasure of stopping every 5 minutes on the drive back home to ensure your tree stays put on its lofty perch above traffic.

But what if you could enjoy all the pleasure of a fresh cut Fraser fir this Christmas, without the hassle of getting it home? Hammacher Schlemmer has just the thing for you.

Live Christmas TreeUnlike Christmas trees found at ordinary tree stands that are already two to four weeks old, these Fraser fir trees are freshly cut within a day of shipment and carefully packed to retain freshness. Specially selected for Hammacher Schlemmer at a Christmas tree farm in North Carolina, each deep green tree has a full body, with shaped boughs that hold their needles, and a rich fragrance. You choose the size you’d like, then tell us what week you’d like it delivered to your door. Not to the forest. Not to the temporary “farm” in the shopping center parking lot. But direct to your home.

It’s that simple. Relax in front of a warm fire, and let Hammacher Schlemmer select and ship your live Christmas tree this year.

Live Christmas Trees from Hammacher Schlemmer

World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

When was the last time the whole family gathered around the dining room table for board games and puzzles? With The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle from Hammacher Schlemmer, there will be volumes of quality time like never before!

World's Largest Jigsaw PuzzleImagine a jigsaw puzzle, the size of a wall mural. At 17 feet long, and 6 feet high, this puzzle has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest of its kind. Comprised of 32,256 pieces and weighing 42 lbs., it comes with its own hand truck. Made by Ravensburger, crafters of fine German puzzles since 1891, the jigsaw pieces are made from 1/16″-thick cardboard with glare-free linen-structured paper and cut using hand-crafted tools, resulting in smooth, dust free pieces that fit together perfectly. The completed puzzle reveals a retrospective of world-renowned pop artist Keith Haring’s ebullient, graffiti-based art with 32 works that epitomize his vivid colors, bold lines, and symbolism.

Great for community gatherings, club projects, even classroom activities, The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle will keep everyone busy for a very long time!

The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

Press Release: The Mind Controlled Movie Director

New York, NY, September 18, 2012- Continuing its 164-year history of offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces The Mind Controlled Movie Director, a device that allows viewers to affect the outcome of a movie with their brainwaves.

Mind Controlled Movie Director

The headset uses electroencephalogram technology to detect the electric signals generated by the brain, and by concentrating, relaxing, or even blinking at crucial moments, viewers choose who lives and dies, whether the hero wins or loses, or how close an arrow comes to a bullseye.

The Mind Controlled Movie Director redefines interactive entertainment, allowing viewers to direct movies with verbal or non verbal emotive expressions ,” explained Hammacher Schlemmer’s General Manager Fred Berns.

As viewers master their mind control, they can change plotlines and select new endings in each of the four included movies from the horror, sports, and crime genres.

The Mind Controlled Movie Director comes with Mac and PC apps for two arcade games, a “meditation journal”, and a brainwave visualizer that interacts with each mood.

What do you mean, “No Hockey”?

Personalized Backyard Hockey Rink

The decision by the NHL to impose a lockout  following the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement has many of us disheartened. For the third time in less than 20 years, a labor dispute will deter hockey fans from their daily fix of passing, checking, and goal scoring. Already, the first two weeks of the regular season have been canceled, with no news of a pending resolution.

And while we can’t replace the speed and intensity of ice hockey at its highest level, Hammacher Schlemmer has just enough to tide you over until our favorite skaters are back on the ice rinks of North America. The Personalized Backyard Hockey Rink lets you bring the fun and excitement of odd-man rushes, penalty shots, and kick saves right to your door. No tickets needed to get in, no satellite dish required to watch, and no minivan full of equipment to load up. Let’s just play hockey!

The Personalized Backyard Hockey Rink

Electric bicycles emerge in Vegas

Electric Comfort BicycleElectric bicycles will be a topic of conversation when Interbike commences this week at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Interbike is North America’s largest annual gathering of the bicycle industry, with over 750 companies representing more than 1,200 brands attending. And one of the trends they’ll be focusing on is the “e-bike.”


E-bikes combine traditional pedal power with an electric motor for assisting the rider

Folding Electric Bicycle

when going uphill, or across broad flats. With today’s commuter constantly on the lookout for alternatives to heavy automobile traffic, more and more are turning to the bicycle as a way not only save time, but to be “greener” as well. The electric bicycle offers a combination of a bike that allows one to continue moving when motorists have become gridlocked, and an electricity-powered mode of transportation for those who would rather not physically pedal their bikes through an entire commute.

At Hammacher Schlemmer, we have several e-bikes to choose from. Fold-able e-bikes, tricycles, even e-bikes for multiple riders! Whether you need to beat traffic getting to and from work, or are looking for a fun way to get around the neighborhood, we have the electric bicycle to fit your needs. Take a tour through our Outdoor Fun section, and find your ride today!

The Point and Click Dictionary

We’ve all been curtailed in the midst of a good read by a word with which we aren’t familiar. Rather than setting our book down and heading to the computer for reference, why not use The Point and Click Dictionary from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Point and Click DictionaryRecently featured by “The Innovation Insider” Steve Greenberg on WFAA News 8 in Dallas, this is the pocket-sized scanner that instantly looks up and displays word definitions. Eliminating the need to thumb through large books or type entries, the device slides easily over reading material, its integrated flip-up camera scans any word with the touch of a button, and definitions are instantaneously displayed on its screen. The scanner provides audible word pronunciations through its built-in speaker and the 2.4″ color LCD has a 320 x 240 resolution that clearly displays definitions, comprehensive etymologies, and related word forms. Smaller than a smart phone, the portable scanner provides 500,000 definitions from the Collins English Dictionary and offers translations to and from French, Italian, Spanish, and German using the award-winning Collins foreign language dictionaries. Users can navigate the device via the touchscreen or the included stylus, and it has an integrated MP3 player, voice recorder, and picture viewer.

Leave the bulky thesaurus and dictionary on the shelf, for the convenience of The Point and Click Dictionary.

The History of Hammacher Schlemmer

Friends, at Hammacher Schlemmer, we are proud of our long history.  For 164 years, we’ve been offering The Best, The Only, and The Unexpected to our customers.

We would like to invite you to a new feature on our web page that we’ve created to share this rich history with you: The History of Hammacher Schlemmer.  From our very beginning, as a hardware store in the Bowery district of New York City in 1848, to our first catalog in 1881, to today’s landmark store on New York’s E 57th St, we want you to be able to follow along on the journey we’ve taken to get to 2012.

Relive Hammacher’s milestones as well as those from U.S. History.  You’ll tour the evolution of our catalog, in addition to a century’s worth of  advertisements and published media reports. Plus, see a chronology of some of our most Unexpected products dating back to 1896!

Travel with us as we browse through highlights from our 164 years of history on these pages. We believe you’ll enjoy this trip down memory lane just as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you. We thank you for accompanying us on our journey through The History of Hammacher Schlemmer, and we look forward to offering you more of The Best, The Only, and The Unexpected, for centuries to come!

The Total Body Support Pillow

“I purchased this for my wife as she has had trouble sleeping lately. She saw it in the HM catalog and fell in love with it. It arrived quickly and fluffed up right out of the box. She loves it and sleeps great due to the full body support. I almost get a little jealous of it.”

That’s what folks are saying about The Total Body Support Pillow from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Providing an extraordinary level of comfort, this pillow gives optimum support for upper and lower extremities, while cushioning and maintaining proper spinal alignment no matter your sleep position. Originally invented to help relieve fibromyalgia–a chronic condition marked by muscular pain and tenderness at specific points of the body–it has now been recognized as an effective aid to getting a good night’s sleep. Both adults and children can use and enjoy the flexible, total-body pillow to sit or lie on the floor, sofa, or bed in total comfort. It can be folded into a U-shape, or come full circle to create beanbag-shaped seating. The pillow is stuffed with hypoallergenic Fusion fiberfill. The fill will become even softer and fuller with each washing (machine washable). Comes with one white poly/cotton pillowcase.

Plantar Fasciitis on Pinterest

We would like to introduce a new Pinterest board. The Relief for Plantar Fasciitis board features the Hammacher Schlemmer products designed to help relieve the pain and discomfort of plantar fasciitis, and help prevent it from reoccurring. Here you’ll find shoes in many different styles, plus inserts to go with them. Even sandals! Plus braces and sleeves for your feet. Please stop by as we post more products to help you feel better on your feet.