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The Lady’s Plantar Fasciitis Walking Shoes

Fight back against foot problems with The Lady’s Plantar Fasciitis Walking Shoes from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Designed by a podiatrist, these are the walking shoes that help to combat the effects of plantar fasciitis with a stabilizing orthotic footbed that realigns your feet to a neutral position. The built-in orthotic footbeds are made from shock-absorbing EVA, and provide contoured arch support for those who over-pronate–when the heel bone angles inward–a determining factor in the development of plantar fasciitis. The shoes have full-grain leather and mesh uppers, strong heel counters, TRP midfoot stabilizers, and resilient rubber outsoles. The orthotic footbeds provide optimal comfort and support when the shoes are worn for at least a few hours per day over the course of two weeks.

The Women’s shoes come in your choice of: White with blue trim, White with pink trim, or solid Black. Whole and half sizes 6-10 1/2; please order one-half size down.

12′ Inflatable Headless Horseman

Ichabod Crane never imagined he’d be the centerpiece of your Halloween decorating plans. But now, with The 12′ Inflatable Headless Horseman from Hammacher Schlemmer, he’ll be standing watch over all your Trick-or-Treat festivities.

Inflatable Headless HorsemanThis is the 12′ tall inflatable headless horseman that creates an ominous presence in your own sequestered glen. Only available at Hammacher Schlemmer, the horseman is holding a pumpkin head in his hand and the gourd’s infernal smile and slanted, ominous eyes suggest imminent malevolence while internal lights emit a creepy luminescence. The horse stands on its hind legs, its head turns eerily side-to-side, and it produces a bone-chilling whinny, portending malevolence in your Sleepy Hollow. The inflatable headless horseman and his horse stand over an illuminated gravestone that reads “RIP.” Includes eight tethers and stakes for securing the display. Inflates in one minute with the included fan. Plugs into AC with a 5′ cord.

The Inflatable Headless Horseman stands 12′ H x 7 3/4′ W x 3 1/2′ D, and weighs 10 lbs. He’s sure to make an impression on all who dare pass by.

12′ Inflatable Headless Horseman


The Inaugural Hammacher Trophy

At least that’s what we’re calling it here on the winning side.

On the 29th of August, this 2012, Washington Terrace Park played host to the Inaugural Hammacher vs Bradford Softball Game. Representatives from all departments throughout both organizations got together for a spirited 7-inning contest on a beautiful night for a ballgame. The green-clad Hammacher team jumped out to an early lead, only to see the men and women in Blue from Bradford come back to tie things up, then eventually take the lead. A lead they would hold until the top of the final inning, when the Hammacher team exploded for 6 runs to turn a 2-run deficit into a 4-run lead. A sparkling 6-to-3 double play in the bottom of the 7th sent the home team down in order, and sealed bragging rights for an entire year for Hammacher Softball.

Both teams met at the pitcher’s mound for handshakes and hi-fives; sportsmanship rules when all is said and done. Congratulations to both teams on a game well and safely played. It was a great way for all of us to get together away from the office, and we’re sure everyone has already begun to tweak their lineups for The Second Annual Hammacher vs Bradford Softball Game in 2013!


Two Story Inflatable Black Cat

You don’t need to be wary of crossing paths with any black cats this Halloween season. In fact, The Two Story Inflatable Black Cat from Hammacher Schlemmer even lets you walk underneath!

Two Story Inflatable Black Cat

Standing nearly two stories tall, this inflatable black cat is the largest Halloween decoration available. The cat’s underbelly is 9 1/3′ above ground at the highest point, allowing trick-or-treaters to walk underneath, and each paw is the size of an armchair. The cat’s head automatically sways side-to-side and it has illuminated, piercing red eyes, a 4 3/4′-wide fanged grin, and 9 3/4″-long claws. The gargantuan feline’s hindquarters and tail are elevated above its head as if he’s about to pounce on unsuspecting prey. An integrated air pump inflates the display in four minutes, and lights in the neck, body, and tail produce an eerie glow. Made of durable tear-resistant nylon, the cat remains in place with the included stakes and 19 2/3′-long tethers. Folds to 18 1/4″ x 15″ for convenient storage.

The Inflatable Black Cat stands 20 2/3′ H x 14 3/4′ L x 7 3/4′ W and weighs 14 lbs. It’s sure to get the attention of everyone who passes by. And it may even keep the neighbor’s dog out of your yard!

 Two Story Inflatable Black Cat

Sleep Soundly with These Great Pillows

Hammacher offers many great options for a better night’s sleep and few other products can be as simple in design as a pillow. However, the discomfort caused by a pillow has the ability to impact virtually every aspect of our life through lack of sleep. Experience a selection of our specialty pillows and wake better rested. Whether through head and neck support, temperature regulation, or just simple comfort improvement our products are all backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee ensuring you’ll be satisfied for the life of the product.

The Cooling Pillow.

Millions of invisible microcapsules inside the pillow shell absorb excess heat and move the warmth away from the head and neck, creating a cool sleeping surface throughout the night. The patented fabric covers both sides of the pillow and its cooling is effective under any pillowcase.




The Side Sleeper’s Adjustable Pillow.

A curved indentation on one side of the pillow cradles a side-sleeper’s shoulder and three removable memory foam inserts adjust the height of the pillow surface up to 6″. The customizable height provides optimal support and helps prevent muscle stiffness that results from sleeping with the head and neck misaligned.




The Sleep Improving Pillow Wedge.

The angled shape starts level with the bed and gently elevates sleepers, helping to avoid positions which can contribute to acid reflux and other digestive problems, and allows gravity to gently drain sinus passages. The pillow is crafted from two layers of medical grade polyurethane foam.

Press Release: The Full Phrase Talking Translator

Hammacher Schlemmer introduces The Full Phrase Talking Translator, a pocket-sized device that translates and articulates entire sentences, phrases, or single words that are typed on its keyboard.

Unlike typical models that only translate individual words, The Full Phrase Talking Translator provides instant translations to and from English for 210,000 common travel phrases and 1.8 million words in 30 different languages.

“The Full Phrase Talking Translator’s database contains three times more phrases and words than previous generations and allows users to type in entries instead of requiring them to select words to translate from a finite list,” explained Hammacher Schlemmer’s General Manager Fred Berns.

About the size of a smartphone, the device stores unobtrusively in a pocket and flips open to reveal a full QWERTY physical keyboard, integrated speakers, and 3″ backlit LCD, allowing travelers to quickly type entries, listen to pronunciations, and view translations in a preferred language.

The Full Phrase Talking Translator uses the New Oxford Dictionary and provides translations for 24 European languages, three Asian languages, Arabic, and Hindi (see full list). It maintains a history of searched terms for future reference and allows users to create a list of favorites for commonly used phrases.

The translator also converts eight currencies, displays the current time for 260 cities worldwide, and comes integrated with scientific and basic calculators, six games (like Sudoku), and a voice recorder.

164 Years and Counting – America’s Oldest Catalog

Occasionally on our blog we will share some of our long history. After 164 years there are many stories and highlights; we promise to keep it short and fun.Test

It only seems appropriate to start 164 years ago, when Hammacher Schlemmer sold tools and hardware and was regarded nationwide for its quality. “If you can’t find it, try Hammacher Schlemmer” was coined in these years, most likely in reference to our 1100 page fully bound hard cover catalog.

Although our initial focus may have been tools and hardware our reputation for selling innovative and unique products was established. In the years that followed Hammacher’s reputation only grew and during World War I and II we even supplied the United States  military with tools. In 1918 Hammacher Schlemmer received a Commendation for War Service from the United State War Department recognizing the “…distinguished service, loyalty, energy and efficiency.”

Featured Item: Circulation Improving Leg Wraps

View a video demonstration of the leg wraps.

The Circulation Improving Leg Wraps inflate and deflate to improve circulation, soothe sore muscles, and reduce swelling in your lower extremities. Similar to hospital compression boots that stimulate circulation in sedentary patients, the leg wraps have six airbags that wrap around the entire leg and inflate and deflate to help blood vessels expand and contract. The compression intervals stimulate circulation in the thighs, hamstrings, calves, and feet and help facilitate blood flow back to the heart.


This product is a full 4 star rating with one reviewer stating:

“Is extremely easy to use, but the best part is that it actually works. Considering how much professional massages cost, it is a good value. It fits a wide range of leg sizes as well. Everyone in my family can use it after a long day at work. Very happy. “

The Electric Comfort Bike

Due to the efforts of our fantastic staff here at Hammacher we have the good fortune of being written about numerous times a week by other blogs, magazines, and newspapers. We thank all of you for the time and effort you put into talking about our products and in case you’re wondering; yes, we are listening.

From time to time we will feature various articles that come to our attention, and if you would like to share your plans with us please email

The Electric Comfort Bicycle was mentioned in a great blog post today by Erin Ryan over at

“The way they made bicycles in the 50’s were beautifully designed and crafted; they looked like a metal piece of art on two wheels. Today, that vintage look is making a comeback with many bicycle companies looking to replicate that old school style. As cool as that is on its own, there is one company that is upping the ante by adding a motor to its sleek design and optimizing comfort for easy riding.”


Featured in the Wall Street Journal – The Motorized Stunt Kite

On August 11, 2012 the Wall Street Journal selected The Motorized Stunt Kite by Hammacher Schlemmer as the feature item in its Toy Soar: Remote Control Flyers and Copters article in print and online.

The Motorized Stunt Kite is the first stunt kite to use a remote-controlled gimbaled propeller providing nimble movement. The delta wing shape further enhances it ability to climb, dive and soar. Remote controlled from to 500′ away your neighbors are sure to take notice as you swoop and dive using the multi-directional controls.


This toy and many others for all ages can be found in our Hammacher Toy Shop.