Gourmet Unique Gifts “Yule” Love!

In German, “Schlemmer” is the word for gourmet—see how we really live up to the name with our selection of gourmet unique gifts, brought in especially for the season. These tasty treats will complement any holiday table.


Artisanal savory appetizer platters always wow guests with rare quality. May we suggest this Gourmet Italian Charcuterie set, at home on the crustiest country grilled bruschetta. The set includes two styles of slow-cured salami and pre-sliced prosciutto. Your platter wouldn’t be complete without an unmatched condiment of Genuine Italian Truffle Oil and Paté. Real Tartuffe truffle oil adds a rare and seductive flavor to the holiday main course, while the paté provides a decadent spread to complement the charcuterie.

For your wine service, our award-winning Wine Preserving Carafe will help your “Super Tuscan Red” stay cellar-superb while your guests nosh their salumi amuse bouche. Don’t fret about opening another bottle and having leftover wine—the carafe will preserve the vintage’s original flavor profile for several days.

Of course, a pine-and-garland bedecked holiday table wouldn’t be complete without ample desserts. Our Windsor Exquisite Biscuits, so good they could make a cherub blush, belong in a prominent spot on the sweet table. There are three flavors of oh so proper Yorkshire biscuits, lovingly baked with sweet cream butter and pure demerara sugar.

Before sending guests off into that silent night, here’s a gourmet masterpiece rich enough for traveling magi. The Award Winning English Sticky Toffee Pudding includes vanilla and fresh dates,

enhanced with espresso and topped with brown sugar and fresh cream. Serve this delicacy warm with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of custard. It pairs perfectly with coffee and night caps!

So at this gentle time of the year, bring family, bring friends, bring those in need and celebrate the unique gifts of peace and joy to the world.

These Unique Gifts Are Always Right

Is Uncle Joe still a golfer? What size sweater does your sister-in-law wear? Can Grandma eat chocolate?

You may have faced questions like these as you put together your holiday list for unique gifts. If you just can’t decide for that someone special, send them the gift of choice: a Hammacher Schlemmer Gift Certificate, in denominations from $20-$200.

The recipient can redeem their certificate in our New York Store, through our catalog, or online.

Each unique gift certificate is sent free to the destination of your choice…it just can’t get any easier. You can even add a free personalized gift message during checkout.

But hurry—to ensure delivery in time for Christmas, order your gift certificates by December 11.

Keep the Outside, Outside

Winter is bad enough without tracking slushy wetness across your floors and feeling chilly drafts in the warm sanctuary that your home should be.

These unique gifts help you fight back against snow and cold, keeping winter outdoors where it belongs.

These window coverings effectively block drafts with a proprietary thermal lining. The drapes feature triple-weave fabric construction, sewn with a dense cotton duck canvas face and an acrylic backing. Independent laboratory tests proved these drapes maintain the indoor climate, keeping energy costs down and making you more comfortable.

Keep your floors clean and dry with this super-absorbent, low-profile doormat that holds 12 pints of water per square yard. Your entryway remains free of rain, slush, and melting snow in foulest winter. A grid of channels ushers water away from shoes and holds it securely in the mat’s commercial-grade polypropylene base. The mat has an antimicrobial treatment to guard against, stain, mildew, and mold.

Here’s a unique gift for anyone who complains of cold feet. This portable ceramic heater has an element that pivots to direct warmth where it’s most needed. It can be adjusted to point straight ahead for feet-only warmth, or up to a 30-degree angle to make the legs and lap feel cozy, too. Its adjustable thermostat provides four settings—maximum, high, low, and fan-only.

The long-range forecast is predicting a warmer-than-average winter for many parts of the country. Even so, expect plenty of days when the arctic winds blow, so now is the time to grab up the unique gifts that will help you weather the weather better.

Black Friday Spent Wisely

We hope you slept in today.

These days, you don’t need to rise from your warm bed in pre-dawn darkness, Thanksgiving’s L-tryptophan still coursing through your veins, to experience Black Friday. Today, unique gifts for the holidays are best found online. But you can still enjoy the thrill of the hunt for that perfect item, made more efficient with our easy-to-use gift guides. These guides help you narrow down choices specific to the interests, hobbies, and personalities of the loved ones on your list. Here are some examples:

For the gadget lover—These digital camera binoculars provide sharp magnification and take vibrant photos. Their 32 mm objective lenses and 8X magnification allow lines of text to be read even from 100′ away. The 5-megapixel camera provides an accurate picture on its preview screen, and the photographs and HD video are captured with crisp, clear detail. In addition to gadget lovers, this is a great unique gift for hikers and bird watchers, too.

For the foodie—This wild Sockeye salmon is fished from Alaska’s famed Copper River and smoked in small batches to yield a rich flavor and moist, flaky texture. Found only in the Pacific, the Sockeye spawn each summer or fall in Alaska’s Copper River, where they are harvested in the wild using sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. The salmon is slowly smoked in the traditional method passed down from the Northwest’s native peoples, then vacuum sealed to lock in the natural oils and freshness.

For the young budding musician—This half-sized guitar and chord trainer enables even the youngest guitarist to begin playing songs almost immediately. Allowing novices to focus on rhythm and timing rather than fretting over finger placement, the patented trainer attaches to the neck of the guitar and plays one of four chords with a press of a color-coded button. Not a toy, the steel string acoustic guitar is an instruction-grade musical instrument pe rfectly sized for players as young as four.

Our gift guides can lead you to unique gifts for the traveler, the host or hostess, the foodie, the toy lover and even for the family pet. Shop online today and spend the rest of the holiday season relaxed and enjoying the moment.

Unique Trees for Your Unique Gifts

With Christmas just over six weeks away, it’s “go time” for getting your Christmas tree.

This is a great time to consider a new tree for your home. A beautiful and lasting artificial tree is more than just a spot under which to pile unique gifts for everyone…your tree becomes a family keepsake, a seasonal tradition, and an icon of cherished memories.

Our traditional coniferous styles are so lifelike, your guests will think your tree was just harvested from the forest. These prelit trees are available as Noble, Douglas, Fraser, and Concolor fir varieties, in heights up to 12′.

While the traditional trees come prelit with bright and festive bulbs, you may prefer something lit with a bit more glamour. This fiber-optic Christmas tree uses LEDs to creates a dancing cascade of colors along its branches.

Equally colorful, this indoor/outdoor tree generates 23 dancing

displays of multi-colored or bright white

light. And to make a beautiful statement outside your home, check out this unique gift set of three 2′-tall luminaria trees that illuminate a pathway or driveway with a festive holiday light show.


Those who lack off-season storage space will appreciate our selection of pop-up trees. This holiday decoration pops up to form a fully decorated 6′ Christmas tree with 70 textured polyester poinsettias and 200 bright, clear mini-lights. Fans of Thomas Kinkade might choose this pre-decorated and pre-lit pop-up tree, featuring ribbons including scenes inspired by his original artwork. Even those who prefer a traditional tree can enjoy an easy-to-store decoration in this 6′ tall pop-up tree with 567 lifelike branch tips,

adorned by 200 white

lights. The tree contracts to just 2′ thick for convenient storage.

Along with the unique gifts that have made Hammacher Schlemmer famous, we have many more Christmas trees in many different styles to make your holidays beautiful and bright. Be sure to shop now for the best selection.

Unique Gifts that Really Are Unique

Looking for truly one-of-a-kind unique gifts for the holidays? A personalized gift bearing the recipient’s name is made especially for them. We offer a range of personalized items to suit everyone on your list, be they man, woman, or child.

For Him—This whiskey-aging kit lets him craft his own spirits at home….the kit itself is personalized and so will be the outcome. The kit comes with a genuine American white oak barrel (the same wood used for aging some of the world’s premier whiskey), flavored essences for making Kentucky bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and Marks bourbon, and a spigot for pouring neat whiskey into a rocks glass. Detailed instructions advise on curing the barrel, incorporating ingredients, and monitoring the whiskey for proper aging.

For Her—Created only for Hammacher Schlemmer, this luxurious monogrammed bathrobe is imported from the Denizli region of Turkey, where the world’s finest towels have been made since the Middle Ages. This thick, generously sized 100% Turkish cotton bathrobe absorbs water readily and helps conserve body heat for those chilly winter mornings. It’s personalized with her initials and is delivered in our signature gift box.

For KidsThis wooden toy chest can be personalized with a child’s name and playful graphic icons. It provides a permanent home for plush pals, puzzles, and other plentiful playthings. Its flat-top heavy-duty lid makes for extra seating or storage, and finger hole cutouts along its front and sides keep little fingers safe during opening and closing.

We have many, many more items that can be personalized to create truly unique gifts. See our full selection and you’ll have your holiday shopping done in no time!

Every Dog Has Its Day

Whatever it is, there’s a national day to recognize it. Dog breeds, yes, such as National Dachshund Day on July 18 (likely no coincidence this falls on National Hot Dog Day), but there’s also a designated day for virtually every food, organization, physical affliction, line of work, and hobby. It’s almost absurd! Come to think of it, next Monday is National Absurdity Day.

Here’s a look at some of the unique gifts available from Hammacher Schlemmer to help you celebrate other national days coming up later this month.

National Play Monopoly Day, November 19This beautifully crafted edition of the classic board game befits the drawing room of a 19th Century industrialist or a 21st Century Silicon Valley Wunderkind. The board sits atop a wood cabinet with burled wood veneer, and the game path is adorned with gold foil-stamped accents. In a display of opulence Mr. Monopoly himself would envy, the die-cast metal houses and hotels are finished in glimmering golden plating, as are the eight iconic tokens. This is a special and unique gift ideal for the aficionado of board games.

National Jukebox Day, November 25This classic jukebox commemorates the 60th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s first #1 hit. A virtual audio/visual shrine for devoted Elvis fans, the centerpiece of this jukebox is an interior illuminated mural of The King performing on stage. Handcrafted by Rock-Ola, synonymous with jukebox innovation for 80 years, this model is a meticulous reproduction of the kind that first played “Heartbreak Hotel,” updated for modern use with a 100-CD changer, 2,000-watt amplifier and five speakers.

National Stay Home Because You’re Well Day, November 30 – It’s a shame to waste a sick day being sick. We recommend instead a day focused on feeling well as a unique gift to yourself. Stay in bed with a good book or binge-watch your favorite series. This soft, yet structured bed lounger actively supports your body in soft microsuede fabric. Its patented flexible plastic frame adjusts to your movements, ensuring optimal support while reading, watching television, or simply relaxing.

If you love national days, just wait till December…pies, socks, brownies, and crossword puzzles will all get their time to shine.

Kinkade Artistry Captures Christmas

The art of Thomas Kinkade is ideal for the holiday season. His unique gift for capturing the nostalgic memories of Christmas have inspired these beautiful pieces to brighten your home this time of year.

Bring magic to your holiday table with this lighted centerpiece that features a Kinkade illuminated village. The centerpiece plays a medley of Christmas carols, while an electric train circles the town, spreading holiday cheer to its jubilant inhabitants. Heartwarming details include adorned evergreens, children building a snowman, and townsfolk trimming their homes for St. Nicholas.

This molded crystal snowman displays a twinkling winter scene encircled by a miniature moving train. A three-dimensional, hand-painted winter tableau inside the snowman depicts snowcapped Victorian homes with illuminated windows, an icy pond, and holiday revelers in rich detail. The snowman is trimmed with a top hat, silvery scarf and mittens, and a 19th century-styled lantern.

This revolving Kinkade tree-topper has Santa spinning ’round the crown of a Christmas tree. Suspended by a golden spring, eight reindeer draw Santa’s well-laden sleigh in circles around an illuminated eight-point star that rests atop the tree. The richly detailed sleigh is brimming with gaily wrapped unique gifts, and all eight reindeer blankets bear a rendition of a classic Kinkade holiday painting, visible on both sides.

Thomas Kinkade is known as the “painter of light”. Let these unique gifts add holiday glow to your home and your Christmas may be just a bit brighter.

Light Up the Holidays

Now is the perfect time to ready your home’s brilliant outdoor holiday decorations…you won’t want to be stringing lights and hanging wreaths as colder air and snow make their presence known.

To help you launch your display, we have some unique gift ideas that will shine brightly and make your house look great.

This scrolling indoor/outdoor banner hangs in your window and lights up with holiday messages and icons. The display comes preprogrammed with seasonal greetings and holiday icons, including “Merry Christmas,” “Happy New Year,” candy canes, and snowflakes, all beamed out to passersby in LEDs. Additional built-in icons celebrate special occasions at other times of year, including birthdays and Halloween, making this a unique gift you can use throughout the year.

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this 18′ inflatable Frosty The Snowman entertains kids and adults alike with a dazzling light show. Based on the beloved character from the classic 1969 cartoon, an internal projector illuminates Frosty’s bulbous body with a kaleidoscopic display of multi-colored lights. This giant snowman springs to life from a built-in electric air pump that inflates him in just minutes. 

This outdoor projector casts thousands of bulb-like dots of colorful light onto your house and surrounding landscaping to create festive holiday illumination. The projector displays in red, green, and blue, making your home look as if it’s decorated with thousands of Christmas lights. The included remote provides handheld control, or use the automatic timer to turn the light off after two, four, six, or eight hours.

This is just the beginning…we have a host of outdoor décor for the holidays, unique gifts for your own home or someone else’s. Shop now to ensure your yard is the best and brightest on the block.

Create Your Own Star Wars Droid

Christmas is coming, and so is a period of droid-inspired mania, with the soon-to-be released Star Wars: The Last Jedi, in theaters December 15.

The robotic characters in the Star Wars franchise are among the most beloved film characters ever. So why not welcome one into your home…one you build yourself. 

This robotics kit uses STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) curriculum to help even a child as young as 8 create a custom R2 unit. This unique gift comes with over 30 components that bring your very own droid creation to life. A free iOS/Android app lets you control the droid’s direction, program its movements, and engage in 16 interactive missions. You can even get creative with household objects to construct a customized droid of your own. 

Looking for another unique gift to bring Star Wars into your home? This kitchen timer, modeled after BB-8, imparts intergalactic whimsy onto your countertops. It keeps up to 60-minutes of time in one-minute intervals  with a simple twist of the astromech droid’s head.

In Star Wars, “The Force” is a source of energy in the universe. We appreciate caffeine as another universal source of energy. Get “The Force” on your side every morning with this coffee press modeled after R2-D2. It brews 32 oz. of flavorful coffee inside a durable borosilicate glass body. Unlike his film counterpart, this R2 unit doesn’t conceal stolen Death Star plans, but instead houses a stainless steel plunger and filter to create a Jedi-worthy cup of joe.

Still can’t get enough Star Wars? Check out these other unique gifts, ready to ship from a galaxy far, far away right to your home.